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who here is drunk?


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IDK what's going on but what better way to arrive on the scene than this? Im drunk and im getting kicked out of my house in a sense so this is a shitty time being drunk with good friends is good though and nick drake is really spiritual if you're in the mood so check it out. hi sufu

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1000th post

thx gaiz fuck drtinking and CAG'z they dun broke my hart.

fuck tyomorrow i wil tomorrow regeret this totally, please plus rep my gaiz. yhough i dont care.

i'll rep you dude, no worries...but CAG's aren't supposed to break your heart, I thought Asian girls were the masters of getting their hearts broken!

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New Year's Eve... 4am... Benders.. 30 Drinks...


Me: Homeless Beanie - Reiz Optics - Neil Barrett Jacket - Flat Head Ring

Her: 45RPM Scarf - Skull Coat - Balenciaga

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this thread needed a revival

i'm only a bit drunk though i had so many shots

but my friends... man...

alex let my housemate's vomit fell on the floor and then my housemate spilled a whole magnum bottle of coke on it too... i'm going to stay in my room until like 3 so o i

well they clean it all haha

fuck wow

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when i'm REALLY drunk but like really and all

i only find enough energy to update my facebook status to something that doesn't make any sense

and then i fall asleep close from my computer...

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i'm not even drunk anymore... i hold alcohol a little bit too well unless i don't eat at all the whole day. i sort of wish i couldn't hold it at all, would cost me less money and people wouldn't talk about me and alcohol...

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