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who here is drunk?


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2x on one page....nto good.....drunk texting ex...even worse

here i am! to confess some of his insecuritieees. damn i haven't been seriously involved with a woman in awhile and its starting to make me feel insignificant in certain ways. this one i had thought was all about making it finally happen went on a boat cruise with some d-bag tonight and didn't text me back, guys i got no one else to talk about it with cause my roommate is in bed right now...with his girlfriend. godamn it!


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drinking a quart of jack topped with seroquel, trazodone, advil pm and nytol hoping to get some sleep tonight. im not wasted yet but definitely on my way there. PPLEASE LET ME SLEEP BEFORE SUNRISE. shitfuckkkk why it gotta be 5am.

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crazy party ended in one homie doin acid, one homie covered in marker, one homie stealing a surfboard, and another homie moshing and fucking up a whole room.

wish i were the homie that dropped acid.

we put those rub-on tattoos all over my roommates face and arm while she sleep.

hahahahhha ima get murdered tomorrow.

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if i ever see you in Roden Gray you're getting backhanded you little bitch

congratulations on your continued professionalism and here's to hoping they fire your ass soon

i wouldnt if i were you.

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are you fucking kidding me

i'm 8" taller and somehow LESS skinny than you. is it hard finding mens shoes in size 6? i will slap you twice bitch. when's your next shift

Raymond who the fuck hired this dumbass?

more than welcomed come in tomorrow.

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"rob and raymond should find this story quite funny. i wanted a job there anyway so once you're fired i should be set

ps i would fuck you up in a second but i'm not looking for an assault charge from some puny little bitch"

to scared to post up on here that you had to private message me that?

*all talk

you say there names as if there your good friends.

but your nothing but a pathetic loser. who thinks highly of himself.


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