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fuck #menswear


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At the end of the day it's just clothes. The last few fits posted up aren't even bad and sawnoffchefs is def junya worn right.

It doesn't matter if its gothninj, techninj, #menswear, denim bro, or fob wear it comes down to how you wear it. Some people are always going to look foolish when they chase trends or buy clothes that don't reflect or suit who they are. #menswear just happens to be the flavor of the moment.

motherfuckers just need to be themselves. At the end of the day if you post waywts or are street photographed there's always gonna be haters (justified or not) and dus need to not get so butthurt

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I'm not jealous of any of these guys. I don't care if the coat costs "2-3 stacks" or was twenty dollars. I don't care if the dude is a great dude.

If it looks bad, it looks bad.

I'm sure everyone who has had a picture in this thread is a wonderful person in different situations. But, the fact is, whether they're wearing something expensive that's ugly, something cheap that looks great, something ill-fitting, etc etc, they put themselves out there (intentionally or not) and people are going to talk about it.

It's easy to forget to stay objective about all this. People, mostly, take it too seriously and too personal when people critique what they're wearing. I doubt anyone that's been overly negative about any of these #menswear guys actually means it in a more than "it's easy to make fun of these guys" way.

The point of someone being a good dude was solely me echoing ayiyi's earlier statement in agreement and have nothing to do with the actual discussion. Fact of the matter is, a good amount of the people posted in here don't fit under the classifications you're dishing out. This would be the same thing as making fun of SZ posters because you don't like it, or hype beast kids insulting a sufu user. It's just a different aesthetic, not everyone is going to like it. I personally am objective I believe, and will critique even my own fits when it's just, but some of these are not accurate. The picture at the top, granted, it isn't his best fit, I will not disagree. I would agree if it was critiquing anymore but it just seems to have diluted to childish jabs.

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as far as I dislike the whole (american) menswear thing, sawn-off chef is doing it right.

that other kid's shearling jacket looks damn good (plus it must be warm and fucking comfortable.)

also, wasn't that during fashion week? there's a bunch of girls in tiny dresses and heels during those times of the year. let them boys floss.

edit: I hate the whole american menswear thing, but the japanese brands (Junya, Visvim and co) are rather good at it.

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I think it's worth noting too that some of the pics on here that are getting hated on are pics of dudes walking down the street, not posing for a fit. not that it really matters, but not everyone is trying to look their best all the time. if it's saturday morning and i'm glad to be alive after the night before i'll walk to the corner store in a t, baggy sweats and some ll bean slippers.

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This thread started out with good intentions on all of your accounts, but it's turned into mindless fucking nitpicking on people you're most likely jealous off. That coat most likely cost 2-3 stacks. The guy on the right is indeed Justin Chung, and he's a great dude. I feel like majority of this thread's current attacks come off as insecurity and jealousy of other men peacocking and flexing their wealth or "status". At the end of the day, if these guys are REALLY bothering you that much, you should be laughing at them and moving on, instead of making petty anonymous jabs through the internet. Or even better, show them how it's fucking done and do it better, weather it be through sufu, Tumblr, or god for fucking bid outdoors.

Look #menswear is saturating the fashion landscape AND the web, it is natural that those who dislike its ethos (fuck timeless style!) and aesthetic angle (fuck spazzatura err sprezzatura!) are reacting. I dunno who Justin Chung is and I don't hate him personally. My wardrobe is big enough as it is that I'm not really jealous of what anyone else owns although Lapo Elkann or Kanye would probably think it is too small for their taste. Maybe you shold fuck off this thread and go on a #menswear blog? I don't hate you or anything but this shuld be a pure ranting thread not some debate on menswear.

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someone photoshop one of those pix of sprotsfreak

instead of streetwear, have him dressed up in #menswear and replace the dunks with dub monks XD

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