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fuck #menswear


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yeah I've came to the conssensus that I can necessarily be anti #menswear because my style has some elements of it (lol like I posted earlier). It works for me my budget and the situations every day. But what this thread has made me realize is there is so much co-signing within the whole community that you don't even really have anyone challenging all of these prerequisites or "rules". There needs to be this balancing act. Someone kinda being the anti-establishments for awhile. I've had the opportunity of interacting with online and meeting some of these guys in person and they are really cool individuals. I think though that alot of heads are kinda being brainwashed into the "THIS IS GROWN MAN STYLE, GET WITH IT" type mindset and are gettin' they tunnel vision on. It's funny though because i've been watching, learning and following alot of the key figures for a few years and would see them diss styles and fashions that are indigenous to this forum. Then suddenly one would accquire a piece and then it's a total 360 and everyone would hop on the bandwagon and its "okay". Like what the hell? ya know?

But essentially what i've learned personally if I ever get into a career where ill have to put up a semi business or formal appearance ima' be killing that shit.

What I really like about superfuture is the diversity of styles. Sometimes I have to step back and realize that theres so much going on outside of the #menswear realm whether I like it or not. Gotta respect that.

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http://www.monocle.c...o-set-it-apart/ copied whole post from here because of annoying autoplay flash ad

I recently completed two things. I finished the fifth anniversary issue of Monocle and booked a summer holiday. There’s something to be said about planning a holiday early, it gives you something to look forward to and you can organise your holiday wardrobe in plenty of time. With the magazine done and a daily lunch hour temporarily reinstated, I decided to head to the high street and check out the new season’s collections.

Sadly, it was a disappointment. And clearly nothing new. The high street today feels like it has been monopolised by the same creative team. Is there a checklist that has to be adhered to? Plaid shirts, Pantone-picked sweatshirts, semi-smart trainers and chinos in every colour, displayed with the ever abundant roll-up.

This Ivy League meets Japanese pop style has been with us for several years now. And that’s a problem if you want something different.

When Gap, Uniqlo and H&M all come to the same conclusion about how men want to look, choice becomes limited. I wonder how did the US, Japan and Sweden become so creatively aligned?

Stores no longer have distinct identities. Benetton used to have ownership of bright cashmere sweaters. You can now pick them up anywhere. Gap used to hold a large share of the jeans and chinos market, but now every store has their own lines. They’re available in any colour, length or cut. As long as they’re rolled up.

During my high street trawl I noticed in one shoe department that Prada was also making a type of smart trainer: a new suede, low-top bootie. How out of place it looked next to their old Prada Sport-influenced rubberised shoes.

If the high-fashion houses adopt high street trends instead of setting them, we’ll have an even more exasperated state of repetition. The men who may spend more, and are perhaps older, will end up cloning the younger high street shopper. The age demographic will expand between 15 to 50-year-olds. Dressing your age will be made meaningless, as teenagers and middle-aged dads borrow each others’ clothes.

Maybe it isn’t all bad. As an overall style, preppy is smarter than M&S with socks and sandals. So the British male may be in a better place than, say, 10 years ago. But I think any decent high street ought to be able to offer some variety.

I’m not sure what it is I want. I just know it’s not on Oxford Street

- Richard Spencer Powell - creative director of Monocle.

via the excellent keepsdiary blog (du designs @ geller + posts regular burgin' )

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My problem with #menswear, is that it is helping drive brands to make more safe and saleable clothing. I'm not placing any value judgement on the clothes as I do think they work on some people and are in many cases well made. But should they be given the same acclaim as other more daring designers?

From the angle of placing menswear in a greater context of fashion I don't see anything particularly innovative or creative coming from that camp. I've had to mentally separate men's fashion from #menswear in my mind. I try to support the brands, designers and products that have a message, that stand for something. While I keep in mind what's wearable and what I can pull off, I think it's important to support great design with a message and an ethos. They are usually the ones who need the money and the support, so I choose to vote with my dollar with that in mind.

It is also a reflective of a greater problem in fashion in general which is the lack of critique and reflection in the industry right now


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^dang bruh, I agree. People are placing it on a higher pedestal than other mens fashions & styles. Which really is annoying. Shit be having me frustrated because I like the more "daring" "avant garde" "left field" stuff too. I understand that some people aren't really into fashion like most of us on here are. But the level of ignorance some dudes display is absolutely insane.

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This meanswear thing strikes me as New York fuckery. Yeah it's annoying


Where did these people learn to walk!? The guy without socks looks like he should be in a school board reel about glue sniffing.


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The richer you are the less you care about anything, you can dress however you want with enough money.

Thats only true if you're wearing whatever the fuck you feel like.....not when you're trying to emulate an absurd fashion trend. Lebron probably wears whatever is stylist tells him to anyway.

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cosplay is better than menswear

Herpès is better than #menswear (ok I just discovered this thread and am going through it). I fucking hate this trend, bring back fluo kids or designer dunk fans please, those were at least semi-decent.

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