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fuck #menswear


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the guy on the left would most definitely get a +rep, the guy on the right had to read a couple chapters of take ivy before checking in with the latest stock at le crew before deciding if his fit was /fa/ enough for the internet


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Ellen DeGeneres is not only a denimhead, she also started #menswear

Four or five years ago i was at the UES New York 45RPM store and while paying for my shit the two other employees were packing this humungous box that was Ellen's "order for the week".

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I feel like some of these bloggers are the same dudes who are scared to go to hip-hop shows because they're afraid of getting mugged there.

'YO bruh, what size is those double monks, lemme see em'

funniest thing ever is when dudes actually take off what they have instead of running

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not that i know anything about this subject, i just know that i like this:



i remember when cheep posted on another forum i was on as a joke i believe and i showed my friends his fits and was like this motherfucker right here is sexy.

can guys dress like this again plz?

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