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  1. Anyone make their own clothes?

    just go on ebay and buy a real authentic noragi. you can get them for around 50 USD usually. take it to a tailor and have them tailor it to you so the sleeves aren't so huge and the body is slimmer. will probably cost you less than 100 total.
  2. FS: Temple of Jawnz 2.3SOLD

    still available?
  3. This is a good deal - not sure it will fit me though. It sounds like I am the same size as you.
  4. The Eyewear Thread

    This is the truth - in fact the arms on those previous ones are metal, while the Sheldrake has plastic arms. However, the Soloist frames are also available at Spectacle in Toronto! They are quite a bit more expensive, though.
  5. Bro T's FS: WTAPS MA-1, DBSS, Junya, UC (Size 44/XS)

    God damn I've been looking for a TOJ double rider exactly like this - in this size for a while now. I've been checking here pretty regularly, but didn't see this post until just now. FUUUUUU
  6. The Eyewear Thread

    I actually have these! They are Oliver Peoples Sheldrake frame from 2011. Color is called ... Matte Sycamore. Most Oliver Peoples retailers will be able to back order older stock. The clipons are made by another company FOR Oliver Peoples and if you go through them directly, they are about 50 dollars cheaper. I got my clipons custom colored: Brass hardware + brown glass - and they were only about 110 dollars. I got the frames and clipons at a store in Toronto called Opticianado. But they also sell both the frames and clipons at Spectacle in Toronto (more expensive.) Any Oliver Peoples authorized dealer should be able to hook you up, though.
  7. fuck #menswear

    howtoavoidgirlsatparties howtotalktodudesatpartiesaboutdoublebreastedsuits
  8. Official Alden Shoes & Boots Thread

    they are definitely the most comfortable leather soled boots i have ever worn. without a doubt. indy's fit loose, but when you do them up tight, the leather is so soft and the last-shape is perfect - at least for my feet. i love the way they feel. I also have a pair of red wings, and I have worn docs and tims before. nothing compares to this feeling. perfect angle, perfect fit. you really do get what you pay for - the one thing I still struggle with is that they are BOOTS though. these are not dress shoes, or something flashy. they are boots and should be worn like boots. they will get beat up, used in mediocre weather, scratched, dinged. it's hard to see such beautiful leather get damaged, especially when you spend a lot of money, but in the end you gotta remember that they are just BOOTS and that the wear and tear will help them evolve into something better....
  9. Anyone make their own clothes?

    yeah the club collar was actually (and surprisingly) very difficult to make. it has to taper at a certain rate or else it warps and looks like shit. i flew back home for the holidays, and when i was there I had my mom do it. it took us 3 versions before getting it right. if you ever see a shirt with a club collar and it's NOT more expensive than the rest, you should get it because it's definitely crafted carefully.
  10. Anyone make their own clothes?

    Hello sufurers! I have designed and fabricated some shirts in collaboration with my mother - who was a seamstress and had her own line in the 70s. She's taught me how to sew and I ask her for help when I'm totally stumped on how to do certain things. They are here: Not really taking any custom orders right now- we're trying to get a shop up and running by the end of the year though.
  11. Official Alden Shoes & Boots Thread

    I have been lurking these forums for years, but I joined SUFU today specifically so I could contribute to this thread. Mainly out of boredom, I guess. There are so many beautiful pairs of Aldens - brogued, cap toe, boots - shoes....... I love this thread, and I have to admit I've developed a somewhat embarrassing obsession with everything Alden. Anyway, here are my recently acquired Natural Chmxl Indys by Leffot. I took these photos in December right after I got them. They are already getting some nice wear on the toe box and I have one pretty crappy gouge on the left heel. I'll take some more photos soon to show how the Natural chromexcel is wearing.