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that rise is awful high, don't gotta worry about nobody makin eyes at your crack...

I was just lookin at how low it was in relation to his belly button. lol i think my lowest rise pair was like.. 8 inches? diesel. paper thin crappy jeans.

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In case you guys were wondering here's measurements on the pair im wearing

Waist: Stretched to just shy of 16"

Front Rise: 9.25"

Back Rise: 13"

Thigh to Crotch: 10.5"

Inseam: 35"

Knee: 7.25"

Leg Opening: 6.5"

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So the Petite Standards don't have any spandex/stretch part and they're 100% cotton, right?

Yeah they're 100% Cotton

So are the Petit Standards even tighter than the New Cures? From Case's measurements it appears that way.

They seem to have a lower rise and more of a taper than the New Cure, but the thigh area is slightly roomier on the Petit than the New Cure.

Case, would it be possible to get the thigh measurements (BiG/SE)? Thanks!

The Thigh to Crotch measurement is 10.5"

I don't see myself wearing these too much so there up in the supermarket now for $140 if anyone is interested

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Found this thread some weeks ago when googling after apc jeans, have looked at all the after/before pictures and can´t wait to get mine own pair of new standars.

I order from www.apc.fr/, total 143 euro to Sweden. Was it a okey price? Thought about order from some site whit dollar because it´s so low but then it´s outside EU which should give me much more taxes...

Im normal 31, so i bought the 29... but im only 175cm tall, so i think i have to cut them at the end a bit?

And im biking a lot and skiing (muscles ;)), so my legs are not thin like a pin but it seems to be no problem when i look at all the pictures...

Well, hope it will fit me! Posts some pictures when it arrives..

Sorry for my english...

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rogerw, sounds like you've got the sizing figured out, 29 should be perfect for you. As for shortening them, you may not need to at 175cm, you're not that short, but you can see what you think when you get them. It's best to get them professionally hemmed but if you are confident you can do it yourself. Looking forward to the pics.

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I have a question:

I'm going to be buying a.p.c. new cures for a girl that fits true to fit 24's.

Will the size 25's be ok for her because i know the stretching will be a problem.

Read the FAQ on the first page?

And no, if she's a true 24, she'll need to size down 2-3 from that.

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