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Show me your Yuks


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I know you guys got Yuks, lets share and discuss. They have a lot of really great product coming out these days.

This is what I got right now. Kinda crazy but whatever... I had to have em.


Gonna purchase a pair of Maine Guide 5 Eye boots next. Loden Green for sure,

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They're holding up well, smoothening out towards the outer edge but most of the grooves/grip are still there. Considering I wore them through the most serious winter CT has seen in a while, and all the salt that comes with it, I'm extremely satisfied.

Actually they're in better shape then the white vibram sole from my Red Wings (for whatever reason) which I wore for a similar period.

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first 2 pairs are from that eBay seller a few years ago. got both pair for about $100. the leather cap toes were brown w/ a leather sole. i had them dyed black and had a vibram sole attached. i'm considering getting a white vibram sole put on the angler mocs, the crepe is heavy!

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I've really been debating on getting a pair of hunt boots with the big cushy sole, can anyone comment on the durability?

I have a pair of the two tone melton grey. The soles have a very bouncy feel to them. I do not wear them all the time but so far they have held up well. The natural rubber becomes dirty quite quickly. I really like the soft buttery leather they use on the tongues of these boots.



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What have you guys been looking for in a Yuketen boot that you haven't found?

I'm talking colors, materials, outsole choice, model etc.

Anything and everything under the sun.

What would be the perfect pair for you?

I'm looking into doing a Woodlands SMU and we're leaning towards a Maine Guide or a Johnson boot. All feedback is welcome.

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