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  1. WAYWT destroyed my life [2017]

    ++++ tab face
  2. WAYWT Shoes Edition

    where to find gf with style?
  3. Post some "Next level" shit.

    ^fucking batshit crazy
  4. SuperDepressed (support community)

    broke up with my girlfriend about a month and a half ago, initially was really really just sad, crying about it whenever i thought about stuff we did together and the general concept of 'us together.' i was really just bummed out because i thought we had a lot in common and were very compatible on core value type of stuff. however, after finally breaking up i realized that we were just fundamentally different, and i just didn't admit it to myself when we were actually dating. there was a lot of things that i was into she just didn't care about and vice versa, and overall feelings towards things just didn't match really. not for everything obv, but just things that i personally think are of value or important. it does still suck a lot that she isn't there for when i want to text some funny shit to or just to tell someone what im doing and how my day is going. i just can't stop thinking about things we did together and i constantly try to relate what i am doing currently to things that we did together, it's the fucking worst. it doesn't happen all the time, mainly just when i'm not busy. i think it's important to evaluate the relationship you're in periodically, sometimes there things that you forcefully push out of your mind if you just want companionship with someone. being lonely sucks, i completely get that, but forcing a relationship with someone for the sake of a relationship or sex isn't healthy. also stay active and busy, live your life and do things. that mainly has been helping me the most.
  5. WAYWT Shoes Edition

  6. worst streetstyle

  7. Lets Talk Sandals.

    those kolor sandals are stupid dope. but not 700 dope.
  8. WAYWT Shoes Edition

    vans vault
  9. Acronym.

  10. Pictures that make you uncomfortable

    why ssense https://www.ssense.com/women/product/isabel_marant/ecru-lelie-snaky-ghillies-sandals/807903
  11. iPhone case thread

    anyone got a tip on a good leather iphone 6 case?