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few other people (go back a few pages) have said they fit small too. quick google search found this:

"You have to go half to full size up on these for sure. They run real small."


edit: i prob COULD wear a 12 but i think it would be too tight. as i said, 12.5 would be ideal though.

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do people find where they are made effects the size? i have definitely noticed it with 574's - from smallest to largest:

sonic weld/made in thailand (smallest by far).

made in england.

made in america.

made in vietnam (the cheapest/most common ones).

for the first two i ideally need a 13, although usually they are hard to find so i just cram into a 12.

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^ no idea, conq.

hs77, mad dope:


anyone tried them on yet? i know ranonranonarat suggested they actually run true / slightly large, but just looking for confirmation as my regular sonic welds definitely run small..


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