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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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Nah, I can hella appreciate. I have the same in my family, and I feel like I'm surrounded by fat people all the time. I work next to a BJ's restaurant, and it's disgusting watching 300lb + people roll in and order whole chickens and ice cream and shit. Like, come on man, just cause you can doesn't mean you should. Have some self control.

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I"m 500 pages into a danc ewith dragons :(

edit: also wtf my friend's girlfriend walked into the shower when i STARTED john carpenter's assault on precinct 13.

it's about 20 minutes from the ending, and she's STILL SHOWERING

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Dance with Dragons was looooooong too, I suddenly realised it was out a couple of weeks ago, but had to read A Feast For Crows again before I could read it. The one I read this weekend is the newish Brandon Sanderson book, A Way of Kings. Pretty good, but looong. Fantasy authors also have a bad habit of dying before they finish things.

Fuck Brian Herbert btw...

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