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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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We used to call everything gay when I was a kid.

It's 3:30 AM and I can't sleep, and I have some cash sitting in my bank (this never happens) so I'm shopping for jawnz. Nearly bought a Porter bag but it looked too small, instead bought some Norse Projects denim because they say they're tapered and I'm still on that Streetwear ting.

This post represents my whole day. I have too much shit from my hypebeast/streetwear phase, ben trying to steel myself into throwing away/donating all this stuff that will never get used. How many hoody's and sneakers should a 30 yr old have?

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She easily has the single worst collection text tattoos I've ever seen on one a person.

L'art est la solution au chaos ~ Art is the solution to chaos. Terrible.

Well it's my time coming im (sic) not afraid to die. Terrible.

And some other shit I can't / can't be bothered to read.

Whatever yo, she def loves to fuck. That's all the tattoos really need to say.

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thanks to kreayshawn every girl with a nose ring and a tumblr thinks theyre a rapper

thanks to tyler every white guy thinks they know good rap

Now alls we gotta do is convince these beezies that they need black guys in their vaginas to up their street cred. Then start a street cred escort site. Those fat bitches can come too. Nibble on my ballz. and such.

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