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  1. honestly, I think the jacket on the shoulders is a little superfluous. She's already got another one tied around her waist. Looks like she wore too many layers.
  2. "best dressed" might be a stretch, but I saw Cibo Matto on Friday and Miho was looking good. I wasn't able to snap a pic, but here's one from earlier in the tour:
  3. I've been drinking a six pack of Bell's Smitten over the last few days. Not my favorite thing from them (Two-Hearted Ale is usually my go-to), but it's still pretty good, especially when it warms up a few degrees.
  4. the pic is from a few days ago. The jeans are Artist Denim with about 2 years if irregular wear. I'll try to post evo pics in the next few days.
  5. I was partying in Detroit most of last week and I just got back to my place in Arizona around 2:00pm today. I was chillin' there getting ready to head out to an art show thing when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and there were like 6 or 7 cops dressed up in swat gear (I don't know if it was actually swat gear, but it looked pretty intimidating) telling me that they had a warrant and I needed to put my hands where they could see. They took me and my roommate outside, handcuffed us, and detained us for about an hour while they searched our place for "narcotics". Eventually, they let me go, but I think my roommate might have gotten in trouble for something. I haven't heard from him since. Also, throughout the whole scenario, there were a bunch of cops and reporters from Switzerland who were visiting and filming the incident for Swiss TV. I've never been arrested or anything before so I was pretty spooked even though they said I didn't break any laws. The cops were actually pretty friendly, but i'm still pissed that I even had to deal with this bullshit. Stupid college town and its overzealous police force. Everyone in my complex probably thinks I'm some sort of drug kingpin now.
  6. yesterday and today... I wear this stuff a lot, but I haven't in a while. Also, I'm not sure why I keep taking these sideways pictures.
  7. took a break from the Artist denims today. I ran a race this weekend and the resulting soreness combined with a re-aggravated achilles injury are making it really difficult for me to get on my bike while wearing tight denim. I think I made up for my lack of jeans on the bottom half with the jean jacket up top though.
  8. I'm a picky eater too. As a result, I don't like it when people get snobbish about the right and wrong way to prepares and eat a dish. Why should you give a fuck if another motherfucker wants his meal in a different way. As long as it isn't a big inconvenience to you, it shouldn't matter.
  9. Had some friends over for beers today after work. After an hour or so of drinking, my new roommate (he's been living there for about a month) comes in followed by his mom, dad and brother. We say hi to them and then go back to doing our thing. About fifteen minutes later, my roommates mom (she's Korean btw) walks up to us and proceeds to give us a lecture about how we're corrupting her son. She says that we're not allowed to drink alcohol anymore and that my apartment is "not a private space". She also gives my friend a bunch of shit for smoking his electronic cigarette. After about ten minutes of yelling at us, she finally leaves. At this point, my roommates brother proceeds to give a lesson on spirituality and how "unicorns and leprechauns are real" to my roommate's friend who just happened to be sitting in the living room with us. Also, throughout this whole weird series of events, my friends and I are drunkenly sitting on the couch watching Hey Arnold.
  10. Finished Ragnar Relay Del Sol yesterday afternoon with an ultra team. I was a little bit injured and out of shape this time. I'll probably have to take a couple weeks off of running. I keep trying to come back from injuries too soon and it's only making things worse
  11. I'd be down for a sufu running club. I don't have any gps stuff though. Do any of these sights allow you to measure your route after the fact? Right now, I have an account on They have a feature where you can measure your run from a map... kind of like
  12. went to a ska show tonight. It was a lot of fun, but these jeans probably need a wash after all that skanking.
  13. went to a ska show tonight.