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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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while I am on the topic of sisters...i have no problem with men dating their friends sister in so long as they have the balls to stand up straight, look their friend in they eye, and man-to-man ask permission. i am a little old fashioned, but dating a friends sister behind your friends back is just about as low as you can get.

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also, a gym is a GREAT place to meet people to fuck...if shit gets awkward (a situation is only as awkward as YOU make it) then just join a different gym

Great targets are the girls who don't realize they're hot because they used to be fat (they're at the gym for a reason). They're usually the ones not wearing the super tight/revealing workout clothes and are hurt that all the guys are hitting on the hot stuck-up chick who will never put out.

I've smashed a bunch of girls at various gyms I've been to over the years. It's never been awkward afterwards.

One side note: if the girl is clearly there to workout and isn't in the mood to talk. Leave her the fuck alone. I hate it when people try chatting me up in the middle of my set (or between sets).

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