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official break up thread


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never said she was my best friend, and obviously everything got misunderstood... im not just going after her now, i have been for a while really. you're all just gonna hate anyway, so i won't even bother trying to defend myself.

i will defend you. bunch of dumbarses in here with sexual guilt that think sex is a favour that girls do for guys, and then try and work on their game in order to get that favour.


you are obviously her friend and listen and care. perhaps having sex with a friend will be exactly what she needs to feel good about herself again. any of these dudes listened to marvin gaye?

who knows maybe it will turn into more than that for you both, whatever the case the only bad thing you did was ask some dudes on the internet whether it was the right thing instead of following your instincts.

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I don't know, kenzie. By "not unsuccessfully," do you mean you're already hitting it?

If so, and if it's a blended context of coddling her feelings about another man while you fuck her, then that's a mess. Particularly for you if this runs as deeply as you say, because it seems to me you are what is called the "rebound." Hopefully you don't care. This will be difficult to maintain, evolve, or let go of.

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she already left for ucla? lost your chance buddy. when she comes back she'll tell you about her new boy toy. ain't like she's gunna hold out for you. and this is the breakup threak, where men pour out the little emotions we have. jokes not welcomed. you probably shoulda mentioned your situation in one of the dating threads

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Posted · Hidden by broneck, January 12, 2012 - No reason given
Hidden by broneck, January 12, 2012 - No reason given

Confirmation ladies and gentlemen!! My ex girlfriend fucked my good friend and sufu member (I'll leave you to guess which one!) mere days after we broke up.

Thank you, you fucking scumbag cunt!

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you guys can drop it, seriously. i put it up here mostly as a joke/just for kicks. she left for UCLA two days ago so it's all in the past now. that is, until she comes back for christmas break...

Yo that's my school. Give me digits so I can "listen" to her "problems".

Also: Jesus Christ, that is so fucked clopek. And that horrible horrible blood boiling feeling you must be having. The worst. Fuck.

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