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It's an incredibly useful program. The develop/editing interface is quite user-friendly and it's a solid program for database management, which is it's other main function.

For $300 though, I say it's a bit steep for the average joe. If you're not into cracked programs and are on a Mac, I'd say pick up Aperture instead. It'll save you $100, has an easy-to-use interface and features many of the same non-destructive editing options that Lightroom does.Blue Marine is an open-source option. Bibble and LightZone are also options that you could give a whirl.

Try downloading trial versions too to get an idea of what you like best.

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^Congrats! Manual mode is easy once you get the hang of it. Image looks to be a little overexposed though. But keep experimenting! As for the lens, you'll get used to it after a while. I am fine with my 50mm but I sometimes question myself if I should have gone with the 35mm lens, but too late!! I love my 50.

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Weird work schedule=weird shooting schedule, so i haven't gotten much of late. Last couple weeks or so:


Light Trails 1 by Killypants, on Flickr


Portland Night by Killypants, on Flickr


Hooligans by Killypants, on Flickr


Timbers Army Fisheye by Killypants, on Flickr


Columbia River Gorge by Killypants, on Flickr


Congas HDR by Killypants, on Flickr

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I've been lurking in this thread for the longest time! Thank you all for sharing such fantastic images & providing inspiration!

I just got back from vacation, so I thought I would contribute something finally! Thanks to riff, fabgeek & lax for their tips and suggestions! And all comments/criticisms welcome! :)







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