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  1. wayoutwest

    video games ruined my life

    rad. any ideas for a build? I built a mATX w/ a 6600K + GTX1070 last summer. It rules. New AMD CPUs look solid though.
  2. wayoutwest

    video games ruined my life

    Any of you all on PC? Been playing a lot of PUBG with friends. Also the new Total War: Warhammer II is out and it seems pretty great so far.
  3. wayoutwest

    Chicago Meetup

    hey, just moved to the city. Any sufu chicagoans still lurking around?
  4. wayoutwest

    coffee anyone?

    Yeah, I mean I can't blame him. But he lost control of the company years ago during the multiple rounds of VC. Pretty sure this sale to Nestle was so Google Ventures and other VC companies could get their take.
  5. wayoutwest

    coffee anyone?

    Has internet coffee culture mostly died? I feel like the coffee threads on all the forums I go to are dead.dead. Anyway, I bought the Hario Next Siphon because I lost my Yama in a move 2 years ago. The process and cleanup are so involved and it's hard to be consistent but when you nail it, damn the coffee is good.
  6. wayoutwest

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Love my KS-002 but through a combination of too many cookies and squats they are fitting a little tight. Not unwearable, but not the sweet spot either. Definitely my favorite pair of denim I've ever owned. Love the cut.
  7. wayoutwest


    Anyone smoke a pipe? I know is mostly old dudes at this point. I mostly smoke by myself at home because the quizzical looks got annoying.
  8. wayoutwest


    enjoying that autumnal bliss.
  9. wayoutwest

    what are you reading today?

    ]] and Both are diaries of WWI soldiers. Jünger was a German "storm trooper" or shock trooper who might be the bravest person I have ever come across. A ruthless but thoughtful killer. Really fascinating post-war life too. Lucy was an Irish soldier who enlsited with his brother in 1912. His brother perished during The First Battle of the Aisne. Lucy's account is heartbreaking, especially for me since I have three brothers. fuck.
  10. wayoutwest


    Picked up the newish Pax2 (Pax1 owner as well) and it is pretty great. Oven holds about .3g of finely ground herb. Battery has approximately 3 times the capacity which, in my opinion, increases it's utility greatly. Unclear whether it is worth $250 but it's great. Also, moved to a new mid-sized American city and got hooked up with a delivery service. So dope. I just text them between 3-9pm and they show up within the hour with a decent selection of good bud and wax. Only caveat is it's $60 for 3g and no volume discounts but the convenience, for me, is more than worth it.
  11. yo dudes and dudettes this stuff is still for sale. dropped the price on the hoodie to $200.
  12. bump. good stuff here folks. immaculate condition.
  13. both still for sale. both unworn since posting.