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Lax, yes I am using a 35mm 1.8. It's kind of an all around wider lens, so I can get in close to a subject like a flower and get sharp DoF. It also curves the image verrry slightly so it looks like it's coming at you. :)

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Koven, it always makes me wonder what's going through older people's heads when they give that kind of look. It's like they think all us young people are out to get them!

finally got to try out my 2nd flash!

(summer school is a bitch!)


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I dig the last one alot, and fab I think that old lady was just crazy. Its like she sensed me taking the pic but looked the other way. Its not that shart because that was a crop, that took up like 20 percent of the actual picture. I was like 30-40 feet away.

Same wit this one too, swag off the charts haha


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