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what are you reading today?


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I prefer paper books too, and started getting them from the library rather than purchasing. Can't always find the next book I wanted, but can get something from my list. Also, they'll hold books from all the libraries in the county (~15) and deliver them to the branch a mile from my house. 

Finishing up Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Murakami today, and starting a sci-fi book called Saturn Run I picked up on a whim next. 

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Read Into the Wild by Jack Krakauer over the weekend, only because it's a paper copy I borrowed from a friend so I wanted to hurry up and get it back to him. Entertaining enough, but the author seems obsessed with this idiot kid who ventured off into the wild and ended up dying, mostly out of sheer ignorance/arrogance. 

Finished Technopoly and it was a fairly thought provoking read. Especially since it was written in 1992/93, and the growth of technology and the internet since then has been exponential. Raises many interesting points worth considering, although it may be lacking in viable solutions to combat the described issues. Either way, it invites the reader to take a second look at many otherwise everyday scenarios we take for granted.

Have made little to no progress on Neuromancer. Reading it is like a chore and I just don't give a shit about any of the characters at all. Seems like the writing style, while done intentionally, takes away from what could otherwise be an interesting story. If this is supposed to be a hallmark of the cyberpunk genre, I think I've had enough already. 

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I remember reading Neuromancer a couple of years back. As much as it was a bit hard to get into, I read it in 2 or 3 installments and think that probably it's the best way. In retrospective, it's an amazing book in the sense that nothing... makes sense, it's just so out there, but the story still maintains a certain thread and remains somehow logical. It's a really rewarding book.

On the other hand I tried to read The Peripheral and had the same feeling as you seem to have right now. I can't project myself in this imaginary world, which is a crazier but less abstract one than in Neuromancer, and I can't seem to be able to focus on my reading for more than 1/2 hour or so. So I put it on hold.

Spook Country is an enjoyable quick nice read, much easier as well, recommended too. I am starting Zero History of the same trilogy at the moment, but haven't gone too far. I had to buy some books with a gift card I got when I left one of my job, so I got some nice translations of Dostoievsky (in French) :D

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Left side read it right side lined up to read


im already pitying my partner being in lockdown with me while I read VOX. Have only had one rant about douchy  jocktastic alpha males so far After going for a well-being bike ride. 
lucky I have 5 go gluten free to lighten the mood. 


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