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    Some progress shots of my 710s as they dry outside on this windy day in SoCal. Worn 6-7 days a week, washed weekly. Tracks and roping are coming in nicely, and the all-over fades are a vibrant, almost electric blue now.
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    Posing for my brewery's social media again, choking on a Beer-mosa. Vintage vest Pretty Snake "Freak of Nature" shirt Vintage Belt LEVIS 501 r&b boots
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    It's quite rare that I feel this way (and I never put in the care to try this on mine - nor does it have anything to do with why I frequent the forums) - but forget the labels of what you're wearing. This is just a strong portrait photograph.
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    Went on a bit of a hike today. RMC FW/FW/FW Oak Street
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    I"d say about a year and a half of solid wear. This was during the craze of rarely ever washing your jeans and I would bring them as my only pair of pants for entire tours, even summer tours. So they got beat up and gross pretty damn fast.
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    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside... Freewheelers / Bronson / Butcher Products x 2 / Vintage M-51 / Nike
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    Arket - Denime - Converse
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    not a huge watch wearer; but a family heirloom has made it's way to the wrist... an alpina from a way back...
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    I still love my evisu
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    Thrift overcoat/left field green chambray/pigeontree/Cushman black chambray chinos/ brother bridge tokyo
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    a walking pile of layers... m65-aero-post o'alls-stan ray-cabourn-[m65 trouser liner]-timberland
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    Andersen-Andersen cap -- Buzz Rickson jacket -- Samurai jeans sweatshirt -- Samurai jeans -- Viberg
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    I thought that was @Maynard Friedman for a second
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    It's a very mild winter here in Stockholm at the moment, a fleece over a sweatshirt is warm enough today! I'm a bit wary of showing my face on the web, so hopefully this fit pic taken off my floor is sufficient enough haha Patagonia fleece, mock neck sweatshirt from Aime Leon Dore, jeans from TCB and my trusted Marimekko messenger bag.
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    Moto jacket SDA chambray pigeon tree belt buzz Ricksons Brotherbridge boots
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    Mammut on the head Buzz Rickson RMC sweat old S710 italian shoes
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    Apologies for the double post got a little dirty so I decided to throw these things in the wash. followed up with a hot dry. is this how I can achieve an @aho pair of Ooe's? pre-wash post-wash fresh out the dryer
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    Haven't been contributing anything lately. fit after a couple washes on my 01 in the XX2 denim. shrunk vertically quite a bit more after the last wash. flooding with a cuff makes the length 'work' a bit better otherwise I'd prefer them a touch longer Doing the denim a disservice by wearing them right now, the crotch could also use a minor repair. you can see the true color of the denim in this photo, though
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    Too good from fake alpha instagram
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    i got the jeans a couple years ago, even tho it wasnt my size (my size 34, the jeans 32) . i bought it bcoz it was in mint condition (almost line new) & price around $25. but it fits me now & currently im trying to break in. The Fit
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    Saw these in VMCs instagram. The most faded I’ve seen of the jacket yet. I think it looks amazing. The hue really shows off an authentic vintage denim Colour to my eye. Reminds me a bit of my 557s.
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    At Last Co Lot 162 I've posted these loads before... but they're being washed today so took some pics as I heard that's what these weirdos on the bona fide denim website like looking at
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    Been doing a lot of yard work in these M41001. Really falling in love with them, old school fit, but it's the texture of the denim. It's blowing my damn mind.

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