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    back to all the layers m65-m51-tcb-timberland
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    Happy belated New Year y'all. Hiked a small mountain over the weekend...probably considered a hill in most other places. FW Ultima Thule hat. FW Ultima Thule Watchdog. FW 601XXC 1937. New Balance 993.
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    cross post it's not bomber, it's Buzz Rickson x William Gibson
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    Mammut on the head Buzz Rickson RMC sweat old S710 italian shoes
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    I'd suggest checking out the Buzz Rickson's that Self Edge just got in. I was in Portland over Christmas and picked up a pair when they were released. Great denim - pretty sure it's a new denim developed by Sugar Cane. Nice wide cut, but not overly so and they drape very well. Tons of options out there, but if you want something a bit different give them a look.
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    Don't listen to them haters Austin... I like 'em They sold out before I could snag 'em when they were out last
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    Meadow https://www.meadowweb.com/collections/tender-co is having a pretty decent sale on Tender items FYI. I already snagged a 452 shirt, a mug and a pair of 125 jeans. I was going to wait for whatever the new 132 thing is, or possibly get one of the overdyed 125 but this pair was too cheap not to get (and I really love that fit).
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    If someone needs a ~30" inseam, Denime XX (Orizzonti) W34 https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/japan/en/auction/yahoo/input/b1078859969/lgk-N
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    Pricey listing but I thought these were cool, deadstock M41101. Yahoo link for anyone that might interested, w36: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n1078635730
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    I could use those for working construction.
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    Something a little different, picked these up on Yahoo for cheap. Seems to me that they're basically unworn. ...my wife hates them.
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    Tough to do a direct comparison since my HN-52 is pretty heavily worn, but:
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    Never done this before, but seems like a good time sink for a rainy day Big John R008 RARE W31 (worn, loved, returned due to defects) R008 RARE W32 (rigid, sold) Gustin Zimbabwe W33 Straight (worn, now too small) Hemp W33 Straight (worn, now too small) Iron Heart IH634-DD W34 (worn, fit poorly, given to a friend) Naked & Famous Massdrop collab. W34 (worn, fit poorly + generally bad jeans, given to a friend) Roy BB00 Test Lot W32 (lightly worn, too small, for sale) R01 Test Lot W33 (worn to the ground, favorite jeans) R01 XX20 W33 (rigid) R01 XUVS W34 (rigid) Sakura's Overalls lot 042 1946 W34 (lightly worn, too small, for sale) Sauce Zhan SZ003 W34 (worn, loved, given to a friend) Sugar Cane MP-619 W33 (worn, loved, now too small) M41030 W34 x2 (both rigid, I didn't realized I had so many of these) M41030 W34 (factory washed) M41051 W32 (rigid, too small, for sale) M41057 W34 (rigid) M41057 W34 (climbing pants, still going strong) M41058 W33 (well-worn, favorite jeans, still going strong) M41059 W33 (rigid, too small, very begrudgingly for sale) M41119 W34 (climbing pants, still going strong) M41200 W34 (well-worn) SC40200 W32 (worn, loved, now too small, for sale) SC40219 W34 salt & pepper (lightly worn, too small, for sale) SC40300 W34 (worn, still going strong) SC40285 W34 persimmon (worn, still going strong) SC40302 W32 persimmon (too small, sold) SC40302 W34 grass (worn, now cutoffs, still going strong) SC40501 W33 (rigid) SC40501 W32 (worn, now too small, for sale) SC40510 BEGIN collab. W36 (worn, sold) 1955 MiUSA W33 (factory washed, unworn, for sale) 1946 MiUSA W34 (worn, still going strong) Two Cats Brand TCB SWW2XX W33 (factory washed, way too small, sold) Black '50s W34 (worn, favorite jeans, still going strong) The Flat Head S2004 W34 (well-worn, favorite jeans, still going strong) The Vanishing West 601xx 1951 W34 (worn, still going strong) Warehouse 1001xx / 1000 black W33 (worn, borderline too small, still going) 1001xx DSB (1951?) W34 (well-worn, still going strong) That list got longer than I expected faster than expected
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    Very exciting! Hoping for a 517 or early 80’s 501 repro, a non selvedge 90’s 501 would be really cool too.
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    Drying in the sun
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    Just gave them a condition and clean. This Collonil 1909 stuff is amazing! The Chromexcel leather really ate it up. The Bick5 is for inside cleaning of the boot. Collonil goat hair brush.
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    White's Semi-Dress in classic Brown Dress finish arrived a couple of days ago. The shipping to Ukraine is currently quite time-consuming, and yet it took about a month from UK, very fast as for me, and right to the New-Year's Eve. The main difficulty occurred on the day of local delivery -- the city was plunged into a total blackout in the morning due to a Russian missile attack, and the post office was closed. Nevertheless, I managed to pick up the parcel in the afternoon.
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    I did not wear any of this today but I had to pay my respects. To say that she was an influence would be a massive understatement. Godspeed Dame Vivenne Westwood.
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    Anyone familiar with old M series Buzz Rickson stuff? Just picked up this faded B-15D, in decent shape considering the age. I quite like the look, very different from any other jackets I own. Knits are a bit beat so I might get them replaced at some point but it is wearable as is. Product number is M11045, can't find much info on it even searching in Japanese. Any idea how old this actually is? Apparently the color processing is called ナイトロフェードモデル (nitro fade model).
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    Is this piece still available?
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