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    Whitesville FC Lone Wolf (going on 7 years).
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    My 40s are getting some decent wear... long after the contest is over.
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    Warehouse jacket, Brass / Signal Garments jeans
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    Went camping on sucia island, in the San Juans. I was wearing jeans every day except in the photo I’m pictured in, for the record… and a baby seal got on the back of the little ferry boat we were taking back to the main island:
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    This fabric is making some of the most amazing blues I’ve seen, here at about 5 months wear and maybe a dozen washes.
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    Got myself a new watch after waiting for a suitable replacement for my old and busted CWC G-10. Praesidus A-11 Combat. If you are looking for a great repro for a strong price, this is it. Built in the US, Swiss Quartz movement. Combat is the 32mm one, true to the original but they do make them bigger. Upgraded the strap to an all black one, which I really think suits it.
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    Sugar Cane remains the king of underrated brands! The denim fades insanely nice and is at a great price point.
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    No jeans. Holiday reading.
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    No denim, but I'm hoping you'll give some leeway Had the opportunity to try on some vintage goodies recently; Lug to lug seems a bit too long for my wrist, but I promise they wear well in real life and in proportion to my frame. Not that they're mine to worry about wearing anyway haha
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    INteresting that the natural indigo - which is often described as more green - is way redder. Natural indigo 1880s n the left, Kurabo 1890s in the right. The Kurabo are from 2005 I think. I like Kurabo's interpretation too. the micro contrast isn't there, and it doesn't really crock, but I like the area fades and the dark green tinge. However, they were way harder work; hand wash only and months between washes, the jeans on the right probably had 6 months more work than the jeans on the left. No leg twist on the Kurabo fabric, loads on the Cone. I think Kurabo 1880s/1890s has always been pretty much the same fabric, so the Kurabo 3-pleat will fade like the jeans on the right. When I went through my retained stash, I found the 1901, which are different again - less green, more contrast. And I look forward to getting out my Kurabo 201 in a few years. The slowest faders I've ever owned and definitely an LVC classic
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    Been on the hunt for a pair of these for a long time… M41059
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    Any J104 or P45-GTPL fit pics? Haven't seen any yet
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    WTB a P38-E in S, I missed the second drop some weeks ago :/
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    long stretch at work this week. it’s finally my friday. i wore the warehouse 1001xx the whole time, hence espresso stains. time to unwind!
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    I have a habit of throwing my hemmed denim scraps into the laundry to see how they fade over time. The top fabric is Cone Denim from my OA03XX-BS (Barnstormers) at around ten months old. The bottom fabric is the new OAXX4 fabric from my recent buy earlier this month. As you can see, the new OAXX4 is most definitely a fast fader, with the Cone Denim holding on to it's color very well. I figure it just around 5/6 washes for the new fabric, which is already showing some white from the high impact areas.
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    I'm in Athens in meetings for a few days (undefined as Luthansa have cancelled my flight home twice....)
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    Here’s what happened with the 1937s: took forever to get the larger size because Yodel lost the returned parcel (HOW are they still in business?) the shrunken 34 waist looks quite like the unshrunk 32 waist, though I am keeping them up with a belt. I only bathtub soaked these, so room for more shrinkage, I just didn't want to lose much indigo. This fit definitely is going to work. Unshrunk 32w: unshrunk 34w: shrunk 34w.
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    Congrats @JDelage! That blue looks great. @aho Have you owned the Tudor BB36? Its specs seem to be up your alley.
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    Been doing a lot of yard work in these M41001. Really falling in love with them, old school fit, but it's the texture of the denim. It's blowing my damn mind.
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    Update 6 months or so later, worn most days:

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