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    Hey guys, hello from Ukraine. If you ever consider is 3A-6TS got enough place for most necessary stuff in case of war in your country - yes, it’s got enough place. Medkit, some closes, compact food, docs and MacBook Pro. For now can rate it 10 anxiety of 10.
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    I’m almost always wearing this combo this last few months…I’ve always liked when the indigo yarns on the selvedge id start to fade too buzz beanie 3sixteen jacket merz tshirt sugar cane 1947 vans
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    Trying my best to secure and save my patch
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    Patagonia phigvel red wing
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    At Last x 2 / Lofgren / Side wind
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    Managed to replace the Lot 147J size 44 I sold with a size 46... fits me much better Plus crispy newness comparison with my slightly faded Lot 147 jeans
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    Cabourn Ergobaby TCB S40’s Red Wing
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    Haven’t done much to contribute this competition thread but I’ve enjoyed checking in every now and then. So much lovely evo, can’t name all but wow @Yot they look insane, nice work! The last 18 months have been life-changing for me, including getting engaged, becoming a father for the first time (wore the TCB jeans at the hospital ), finishing my master studies, countless job applications, finally finding an employer I am very happy with and currently being on parental leave. Going to give the jeans a last wash before the end of the month and then snap some pictures next week. Big thanks to all organizers and frequent contributors! Here’s a fit pic from today, spending a few days at my parents’ near Kullaberg, Skåne, Sweden.
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    lit looks like you slung your jeighty4 over a wooly mammoth.
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    I placed an order directly with 2nd for some old stock and new TFH, and Samurai. After about 2 months of back and forth, account set-up and shipping, the order arrived. Much to my dismay, somethings are too small. So I'm moving them. First up: The Flat Head FN-3009 jeans. Size 34. On-wash. Unhemmed. Brand new, not worn. I'm surprised at how small these are. I'd the are more of a size 32, maybe a 33. I'd need a 36. No idea if the this run is smaller than other runs in the past. $275 shipped CONUS. Anywhere else pays actual shipping fees. Waist, straight across: 15.5 / 31.0 Waist, front and back aligned: 16.0 / 32.0 Front rise: 10.75 Back rise: 15.25 Thigh @ crotch: 13.0 Thigh 2" down: 11.75 Knee @ 14" down: 9.25 Inseam: 8.125 Hem: 33.75
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    Bump. Sold my 3A-2. Doing some price drops as well. Also have album links to images of each piece. J90-DS, dropped to $675. J90 Images GT-J34, dropped to $970. J34 Images P23TS-S still for sale. Keeping at $1000, still unsure if I want to sell it, but will part with it for a decent price. P23TS-S Images
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    3 monster profiles to start the page! sidewind does at last proud... patagonia and redwing looking like good partners... [thinking the black moc-toe is their best ftw] & yesyes babies improve all denim...
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    WTT J1A-LP (M), not full pack for S-J6TS (S/M) in RAF , E-J4TS (S/M) in RAF Or similar Stotz Jackets in RAF (S/M) Would also buy them outright, just let me know! Appreciate it.
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    Good stuff @Neilltheone! Did you get much stretch out of your 633 14bb? I just picked up a pair and I'm curious as to what to expect. Quick fit pic of my 633 14bb. I was in between sizes and went with the larger size (size 33) for more comfort. Pretty happy with the fit.
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    French M47 - Denime 507 - Denime 66XX - Converse
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    The Historically Accurate Way To Wash Your Wool Clothes lol
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    WTT My SAC-J2762 Black size 1 for your size 2
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    … and a another version of @srudy belt … this one has a different buckle and a few extra spots to fill in the additional length …
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    Interesting news, given Warehouse's reputation I have to think Denime is in good hands. I imagine that they'd keep the denim the same (or as close as possible to the "classic" Denime) while producing it with Warehouse's sewing factory.
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    Some more rumors to get some traffic: Denime will probably be handled by Warehouse in the future. Will be interesting so see how that will affect the brand (seeing Warehouse as a great brand I have no fear of quality) and how they will separate Denime from Warehouse. Edit: got a second confirmation that Warehouse will be in charge of Denime soon.
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    I took 2 days off from reading forums and came back to some real excitement. Glimpses of old school Sufu shaking up our denim “finer things club” haha Anyways back to denim. took a mini vacation without the kid and visited some museums in LA. I took a picture with my zodiac animal. papa nui hat, Marusankakupeke jacket, EXCEL tshirt, samurai baker pants, Rick Owens ramones my inspiration for the fit is apparently “john Mayer but a little less expensive”
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    WTS: J84-S Black w/ Custom Mink Liner Acronym J84-S size S in black with something special inside. Custom made mink removable liner complete with AuxZip and Cavitae slit. - Cut to be concealed. Only you know the mink is there. No poking out the hem of the jacket (see last photo). Note that the liner is shaped like a vest, it stops at the shoulders and does not extend to the sleeves. Trust me it is warm enough. - Button-in construction to the inner placket. Genuine horn buttons and stitching not visible externally. Liner is removable. Buttons are stitched on and thus not removable. Small snaps stitched to the internal Jacket Sling loops for additional stability, also not removable. Internal sling attachment not affected. - Slit to access internal Cavitae chest pocket. Even Acronym stock liners like the J65 do not have this. - Grosgrain backing on AuxZip (m) to prevent snagging fibers when deploying. - Liner has hand-sewn suede backing and rayon lining on the leather (non-fur) side of the piece. - Condition notes: liner brand new, J84 has light Stotz patina and otherwise in great gently used condition. - The liner could be worn on its own if you really wanted to flex yr fur. But it is not designed as a standalone piece. I had the fur liner made by a reputable furrier in NYC’s Garment District out of a second-hand fur garment purchased from their retail shop. Among furs mink is known to be soft, warm and comparatively slim. The fit is regular with the cinches on the J84 at their loosest setting. $10,000 shipped in CONUS Disclaimer: primarily an interest check

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