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    Shirt LVC Jeans 60s levis
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    Tilley / Freewheelers / Hollows / TFH / Lofgren
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    low effort high rise low sitting high cuffing a slouchy summer double denim divertissement... orslow-tcb-attractions
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    wanted to share my 710AA.. it changed my mind about white jeans
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    runabout goods shirt FW 1943
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    Thank you for the kind words everyone. Had a little Father's Day photoshoot last Sunday before the day took a turn. Really ironic choice of T shirt in retrospect. Guest appearance by my 7 year old and personal assistant.
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    happy sunday everyone TCB hat, Sugar Cane 303, Duck Digger 1947 model, Whites nomads
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    Hi Folks, Just checking in with an update. These have just had their 4th wash with 5 months of effective wear. I’ve had to repair the back yoke stitching which can undone otherwise going strong! Love what I’m seeing on here!
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    Pretty much the same as any other pic ... Warehouse chambray Warehouse 25th 1946 jeans vans Jack Jordan t shirt Nippers N01 jeans Jordan 1's Micky Mouse backpack
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    Few days ago + Today Tilley / Warehouse / Hollows / Cane’s / White’s + TFH / TFH / Hollow’s / Leroy’s / Lofgren
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    New Jelado 313 last resort denim.With arcs,they run big,take one size smaller.
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    Living in orSlow, for me the perfect summer denim:
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    Between the hot summer days there have been a few unexpectedly cool evenings, so I've been able to get a few more wears in, enough to bring on some repair-worthy damage in a couple of spots.
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    Sorry for the downbeat post. Not looking for sympathy but rather offering perspective. This life is precarious. Buy that vintage piece. Spend a fortune on denim. Love hard. It could all be gone tomorrow. T shirt Jeans Heavy boots. Salvage operation at my place of business, Skeleton Key Brewery that was hit by a chickenshit tornado late Father's Day. The beer was saved and sold and no one was hurt. Big shout out to the Chicago Craft beer community for rallying behind us. A few weeks ago. Current situation. https://gofund.me/bfd923b5
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    MF and TCB (who will be washed for repairs-too much lunging I guess) MF Loco jacket
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    Proceeds to type on a forum lol
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    Potential cap star of Hollywood shirt sugar cane 1947 buzz rickson sneakers
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    MF / FW / 8.15 / Hollows / Logfren and a Happy Father's Day!
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    Papa Nui Canoe Club, Freewheelers Swamper, Barnstormers AZ Porter Bracelet + Custom Bangle, Freewheelers S601XX, Lone Wolf
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    I spent last week in Mexico. The first half of the trip was spent in Mayanalán meeting my girlfriend’s family and then we spent the second half in Mexico City. Hopefully we will be going back often. At my gf’s father land that they use to grow corn. Relaxing and enjoying the view at her parents house. Went to a market in Iguala to get some Consome and Birria In the heart of Mexico City. Our last meal in Mexico City. Barbacoa at Eno. Check out my IG for more food pictures. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP9kX-6phey/?utm_medium=copy_link
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    Acronym Hospital Bandage Parang Batik Nike
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    Recently snagged this Deluxeware 91b repro on rakuten for a whopping 4000 yen. Don’t know much about Lee repros, but I really fell in love with the design the first time I laid eyes on it. For you zipper enthusiasts, how accurate are these Waldes zippers compared to vintage 91b’s?
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    50's, lots of yard work and several more washes since last update. Hard to get it just right but this is closest.