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    my trusty 1912s love these jeans. Too bad the wait is 6 years now. Haha
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    Just wanted to share my joy on this recent pick up on a pair of SEXSC06 from 2008 I've been on a long search for. Always wanted a pair, but just wasn't able to afford it back in the day. I was honestly doubtful I'd ever find a pair in my size and in decent condition, but lo and behold an unworn pair popped up. It has only been cold rinsed and has not been altered or hemmed. I'm really surprised a pair in this pristine condition was even listed for sale considering it's been over a decade since its release. The cut is a Japanese slim straight, which isn't really my taste anymore (I've been wearing a lot of classic straight), but I had to pull the trigger as they are still one of my all time favorite jean. Enjoy the detailed pics below: I really enjoy the buffalo patch and the lightweight 50/50 cotton/sugarcane fibers The yellow corduroy pocket bags and pin check rear pocket lining are probably my favorite details. Very thin green selvedge line...
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    graduated yesterday in my sp28’s
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    #16 coming back into the game... Got mine near the end of October, after a size swap, so no special pocket bags or competition patch for me. Have been wearing them pretty consistently since, with a week off here and there. Took a while to get used to the incredibly high rise, but get used to them I did, and now I love the fit. First pic is April, after one wash. The rest are a couple of days ago, after another wash, and a crotch and hem repair.
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    Purse thing aging really nicely—been my main stuff-carrier for the past however long, works great & looks good too
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    What a find! Can't believe those are from 13 years ago.. I still love that Toyo "Sun Stripe" fabric we used for the pocket bags and the super narrow busted outseam.
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    E demonstrates in an older video:
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    Ok, I think this gives the main styles (no bush pants, flares etc). They are all 33 inch waist, so I’ve not put that dimension on the graphic since most of the jeans actually do come out to tagged waist size. I’ve simply added a + or - deviation to those that don’t. And to repeat the method: Back rise measurement is from crotch bartack to top of waistband above belt loop pulled tight Front rise measurements is from crotch bartack to top of waistband above button pulled tight Thigh measurement is centre of crotch bartack straight across to outside of leg pulled tight Knee measurement is taken 330mm below crotch bartack and straight across pulled tight Hem measurement is taken 770mm below crotch bartack and straight across pulled tight Please remember these are my measurements on my jeans, and those jeans are all in various states of use/age/wash. This is to give a general classification - your dealer can give you details from new.
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    Yep, East Bay: those photos are Tilden Park
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    have a nice day! railcar / rgt / arcteryx x2 / kapital / viberg
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    I’ve posted a slew of photos from longer hikes elsewhere around the state & country, but a big part of why I live where I do is how much access there is to nature just outside town Went for a nice walk this morning before the fog burned off, just around an ~8 minute drive / ~30 minute walk up the hill from my house in one of the regional parks Blackberries & thimbleberries will be coming into season any week now
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    an almost x-post from waywt thread... this one has more direct sunlight, so is trying to pass as faded... plus another for jollies in the booze aisle for silhouette from above...
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    The veggie ones should be called shamburgers.
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    no, Puma but they do remind me of those OG Airwalks
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    Nothing exciting Fit comparison on my Duck Digger 43 and 46 now that they’re both molded to me pretty nicely. guessing at most 60 days each, both had a warm wash around month or so in. I rotate bi weekly ish DDS1003XX 1943 model DD1003XX 1946 model They fit me... and pretty well I think. The 46 are just a more versatile pair when it comes to footwear, and the denim is of course the bees knees
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    Great shirt, glad I could help, and let’s not forget Duke for cleaning my messy painting
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    lvc 517 (before wash/dry) (after)
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    Had a stroll up Abbydale Road today... Walked through the park, past some concave glass Along Sharrow Vale road... had a look around the yard behind Gilberts junk emporium Past The Porter Book Shop ...up the hill towards Psalter lane and down towards Abbydale past Kid Acne's Birth of Hip-Hop ..shortcut through the ball courts Strip the Willow, where you can get your painted woodwork srtipped back to bare wood ..who doesn't love an old bubbly machine . ...a different Cole's Corner ...even though it's a sleepy Sunday, it's great to see folks around and a sense of normality returning . Derelict, Abbydale Picture Palace . Swifties, my favourite archetectural salvage joint, closed on Sundays.. Gin Joint . Bike shop Dress Makers ..gotta love this shop front . Broady, where all the climbers hang out, i hooked up with Sugar Mountain for a pint here a few years ago.. . . Groceries . . . Tailor Barry's Bar, . Up cemetary road past Lansdown Flats Through leafy Kenwood ...along Psalter Lane ...and back home
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    Each pair of jeans is made to your size by a certified con artist and fraud.... He ain’t even trying to hide it anymore.
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    Took a few more pics this morning...
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    Warehouse 1105 LTD, size 34, zipper no buttons, $150 shipped CONUS Waist 34" FR 11" BR 16.25" Thigh 13" Knee 9.25" Leg Opening 8" Inseam 31.5"
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