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    First time I've actually been "out" in a while Engineered garments jacket McCoys after hood Warehouse 25th 50's Converse jackstar
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    Both of these things are noticeably true. The '50s is easily an inch lower front and back (didn't check the size charts, just going off feel from spending a lot of time in both). The back pockets are also somewhere in the ballpark of 15% larger. I struggle with my wallet and hankie in the S40s. In the '50s, I never even considered the pockets as they just fit/work. As for how I'm getting on with the fit, it's fine. I wear a belt to keep them up and that makes the relaxed and stretched phase perfect. They're soft, comfy and roomy after a few wears and with the belt, they're still sitting nice and form fitting through the hip and seat. That being said, I was hoping that after stretch I could get a bit of anti-fit and let them hang without the belt when wanting something more casual. That doesn't work out so well. The dead straight hip and ultra high rise make them still look trim when slouched (no hip flare) and still at the "normal" waist position for any other jeans, just not the ultra high that's achieved with belt. As for the fabric, classic TCB. At month 6, wearing them on average 6 days per week, the fabric just takes off. The color and texture has come alive and I'm starting to really love this fabric. After the next wash, I'll try to get some better pics posted. But man, I'm falling more in love with the fabric every day since early April.
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    I was lucky enough to buy a pair of roy foreman pants from a friend who couldn’t fit them anymore. I’m not allowed to buy any more duck canvas pants. ebbets hat merz 215 tshirt roy foreman visvim Skagway
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    Gave these another monthly wash: and a fit pic, I’ll admit I prefer the snugness when it’s freshly washed:
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    A few pics from this morning while I'm at it...
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    Got these M41001 hemmed at SoaS (thanks to @Double 0 Soul for the recommendation) who handed them onto David at Soldier Blue. These feel immediately less weighty and a lot better length for me now. That said, I'll probably get my reserve pair a bit shorter. Fair play to David – he didn’t have an exact cotton match so he used some of his own from home. He also noticed the backside seam was coming away so he repaired that into the bargain. Good man - worth a shout out.
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    A bit of character starting to show through on my 1937 501XXc s after just over 7 weeks' wear. No washes, no soaks, just plain raw September 1998 Valencia Street jeans.
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    My last BMX (S&M) We used to get a guest list in exchange for BMX flyering, this would have been 2000/2001, J.Rawls was playing at Phonetics...
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    Took the pooch for a walk around Hampstead Heath today. Here’s the London skyline from Parliament Hill. Bonus photo of pooch resting at home after walk.
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    Cheap shades 70's Demolition Derby Tee Vintage tea core belt 5EP X StyleForum lot 001 2007 ( most beautiful denim ever! I just posted a ton of shots in the Evo thread) Vans Off the Wall
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    "Got made in Japan for StyleForum" A selvedge sunday throw back to 2007 when StyleForum teamed up with The Godmother at 5EP to make these amazing jeans. A few years of wear on and off since then, but weight fluctuation and a rise that was just a bit too low prevented these from getting worn into the ground. Limited to 200 pairs, the SF X 5EP was a mid low rise slim straight cut from the most beautiful hand dipped Japanese 50/50 natural and synthetic indigo selvedge denim I've ever seen, with hidden rivets, custom brass hardware, hidden back pocket design, two color thread felled inseams (a personal favorite) , non Levis inspired details (like the Wrangler-esq coin pocket) topped with a beautiful white leather patch with 5EP's signature loose red threads and a subtle maroon selvage id. Still my most favorite denim ever. Even messing with my camera settings I can't capture all the colors. Last shot is direct sun with no filter. I do wish the rise was higher but in 2007 these were considered normal. They desperately need a wash but I'm hoping a day in the sun will put that off for a few more weeks.
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    Photo update on the 700’s I’ve had since 2010 - wearing occasionally over the last 3 months or so between the contest TCB WW2’s. They’re providing the faded blues that the TCBs stubbornly arent yielding yet They’re a bit tight but just about fit.....
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    Last Christmas my momz bought us a brazier for the garden, she probably felt a bit sorry for us using the old hobo biscuit tin.. y'know the mystic-biscuit tin with the Questlove apparition? ...when the package arrived she thought waitaminute!! 'this is a bit small and light for a brazier' opened it up and not being au fait with the interwebz she'd ordered a fire blanket by mistake.. Anywhoo... she said 'here i'll give you the dosh, you order it' but i didn't really want some cheap, rust through in 12months Amazon special so i held out for a re-stock of the German made 6mm thick cast iron braziers and i put the rest of the dosh towards... It arrived t'other day but we sit on a decked area and it would burn a black ring so i went to B&Q to get a base but they only had some wank 20mm thick faux-stepping stone so i went to Swifty's (our local architectural salvage yard) but i didn't want to pay £60 for a 6" thick millstone so i though fuck'it i'll make my own base for nowt... I made a quick plywood mould out of some old set-outs, with a recess in the middle which would stop the brazier being knocked off it's pedestal and collect the ash-saturated rain water which runs through the drainage hole in the middle. I coated the mould with Vaseline to aid with release.... Called in at Kelham Concrete for some advice re- the best mix, they gave me a bag of glass fibre strands and said 'chuck those in too, they'll help reinforce it without adding weight' Put it in my homemade (welded some RSJ's together, sat on a ply base with gasket glue and draught seal around the top with an acrylic lid, connected to a compressor) vacuum chamber to force the air out Topped it up and trowled it off 24hrs later..... Cut the tape and peel off the outer Leonard the cat inspecting my handiwork It's not quite dry, it'll be very pale grey in a week or two.. There you have it ...and a bonus shot of a slightly swankier GRP mould ive been working on this week
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    Carhartt, 3x lee, whites sd
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    Checking in... Ooe / Bronson / Hollows / Canes / Viberg (same old)
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    Same here. Wearing the much less worn jacket for comparison
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    Washing day here as well Steeling myself for the fight between waistband and muffin
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    Another wash, and some comparison shots with the 50's (50's on top):
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    Thanks @BrownMetallic I had given up hope on my jeans too. At least one positive thing came out of this pandemic. @oomslokop knows how it’s done!
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    Old SD-101’s fit again. Happy days!