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    Not sure if I just got lucky but the blue wabash is holding out for me so far. And fading nicely as well. Given how slow I am at fading the outsides, I might start wearing them inside out?
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    tcb ranchman tcb 50s ll bean tote
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    We adopted a new little helper to take my fades to the next level. Unfortunately he's not heavy enough to actually displace any indigo. (and thankfully his little claws don't penetrate the fabric)
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    My first impressionen for the 1000xx dsb...fits me much better than my 1001xx 1946 but i like the denim on 46ies more,feels a little heavier (14 oz?) ,darker and feels ,,smoother,, ,not so crispy.
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    I picked up this warehouse sweatshirt from Yahoo.jp a few weeks ago. I've been having a bit of a hunt across the web, but am struggling to find a model number. (jeans are the s1001xx, courtesy of Topnotcher) Any ideas?
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    Got my pair today ,painfull 80€ custom duties. Some pics with raw measurements size 31.waist,thigh,front r,leg opening,Hope the denim shrinks in length only.
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    And last but not least, my favorite denim jacket (sorry every other brand in my closet): DD2001XX. Only thing I don't love is the faux faded patch, but that's a minor complaint.
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    1000XX Deadstock Blues after a wash and a day of wear. Think I really am going to like these a lot.
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    S1001XX '46 25th anniversary jeans. These are the only one out of the lot that feel smaller than the others. Darkest denim I've seen from WH, feels a bit less airy too and a bit more tightly woven.
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    1001XX HInoya collaboration from a few years back. I really like the puckering on the yoke.
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    WTT/WTS My brand new j68pl multi size S with - J68-s raf size S - J84-s raf size S - J89-ad size S / M - J72DS black size S / M - J47a-gt size S or selling it for 1300$ exclude shipping and paypal fee
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    Third wash I think. Starting to see some nice fades. The black wabash pocketfabric need more repairs. I'm happy that the fabric is on the left side pocket which I never use.
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    I'm now in a regular autumn routine : wear jeans, walk dog, get muddy, wash... Luckily I made a last minute decision to change my requested hem from 81cm to 84cm, in case they kept shrinking. They did. They arrived dead on 84cm and are now 80... Which is perfect... But let's keep it there, eh?
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    @unders I’m so glad Pig Destroyer is still making music at least. I haven’t been listening to as much metal as I get older, but I’ll never get tired of Scott Hull’s riffs.
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    thank you so much all! Here are some measurements: Size 2 Shoulders: 18.5" Chest (armpit-to-armpit): 23" Sleeve length (under arm): 21.5" Full length: 27" Size 3 Shoulders: 19.5" Chest (armpit-to-armpit): 24" Sleeve length (under arm): 21.5" Full length: 27" Size 4 Shoulders: 20.5" Chest (armpit-to-armpit): 25" Sleeve length (under arm): 21.5" Full length: 27.5” Size 5 Shoulders: 21" Chest (armpit to armpit): 26" Sleeve length (under arm): 22" Full length: 28” I've not measured size 1 or 6 yet, please let me know anyone if you'd like these. Very happy to put them here or do them by email. sorted by email (and thank you!) but yes indeed this is the same fabric and pattern as before. The Old North version came up a little differently, as it was in a different fabric. This run is only in woad, as a nod back to the first run. I hope to make some more Unborn or other dye jackets at some point in future, but I’m intending to only do woad dye with this special liner, and the 10th anniversary buttons. Here's a bonus couple of photos: the new jacket next to my own 10 year old original: and a fit pic, size 3, with the screen-printed and hand-coloured (with a sharpie!) tote bag that comes with the jacket (or available separately): and a bonus picture of the 10 years special button master being engraved:
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    A big day! I received special 10th Anniversary type 900 jackets over the last few days, and I've now got them up on the Stores. I'm really pleased with how they came out. More pics and some fabric weaving photos to follow, but for now here are some flat pictures: Very excited about these!
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    Came today, rubbish fit picture, fits really good, still bit stiff but the denim and construction is amazing.
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    Got myself the anniversary jacket...
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    Managed to locate an old pair 1108.
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    Bought this Seiko two weeks ago, searched all over the place to find something along the specs this Seiko has. Was set on a few, and after a bit more research and thinking they weren,t the ones. My budget went from 200 to 4000 euro, made all kind of good reasons to justify the prices. Until reality kicked in. For my cashflow situation this Seiko is still on the steep side of pricing, but I could still pay my bills and buy groceries. and my neighbor jeweler gave a good deal. Very happy with it
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    Here's a fit pic of the Warehouse Type 1