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    All soaked and ready to be my winter project!
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    Hey - SOLD Cleaning out the closet this weekend I found a pair P10-E pants. They've seen some wear, nothing terrible just aged and wash. Had a repair around the button iirc years back but all functions as it should... Size XL (36") $225 net to me and they're yours !!! I'll ship via USPS Priority mail. International drop me a line if you're interested. j.
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    Indigo metisse twill Just about my favourite fitting trousers - highish rise, voluminous, right amount of ill fitting Pretty fast fading Worn a bit last summer as light weight, comfy kecks for anywear, beach or city Most likely wash, might hem them and bring them back in again next Spring Final pic in the super cool city of Copenhagen... Summertime when the livin' was easy...
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    Just received my Wesco Van Cleefs, what a beautiful leather. Can't wait for the Aussie sun to work its magic (thankfully not on my skin...).
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    Had a one-week-hiatus with the jeans, as they were in the dirty laundry, and I was busy with work and didn't find the time to wash them. Wore my SDA mystery jeans for the time being, and threw them in the wash yesterday, finally. Here they are side by side, freshly washed. The contest jeans are already way softer, but more crinkly than the SDAs. Anyways, quite promising fades on the way, as I think, but not much to see on the pictures.
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    Another outing with the sidekick Engineered garments utility jacket Warehouse sweat Buzz chambray Conners sewing Factory M46 Vintage 60's converse Jack Coat Vintage ( 54-56 ) Levi's 503zxx Jordan's
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    Fullcount cap, Freewheelers jacekt, BR sweat, WareHouse 1001 denim, FH wallet and wallet rope, Redwing GT with DR.Sole outsoles, Kidnapped my GF's backpack
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    A few folks here have seen my denim three-pleat. This is the Cone synthetic 1880s fabric, which is lovely. Gnarly but not overdone. Although I like, for instance, the TCB fabric which looks great from afar, it is very high contrast and super-slubby close up. The Cone in comparison is far blue-er, and subtle. Now of course, thanks to Spiraltoy I have its companion, the same jacket in cotton duck. It's similar in construction to the denim version - but not the same. For a start, even though they're the same size, the pockets on the duck version are deeper. It has some selvage detailing - although not as much as the duck pullover. It's a different fabric. I thought this wasn't Cone, but apparently it is, according to me anyway(!) Again, I thought this might be Turkish-made, but my 2013 story says it was sewn in LA Here's a story on the development of the first duck replica fabric. Here is is alongside the duck pullover.
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    Washed the ww2's again , water must have been a bit hot ..... Patch took a bit of a hit And one with Jack's jerky patch Levi's
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    Well we had autumn cleaning in my neighborhood today so my dear gbg001 had to do some real work for once
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    Looking for some new lights for the house and some interior design. The light shop looks pretty nice from the outside Chillin' while the lady looks around
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    Ooe / Joe McCoy / Cane's / Cabourn
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    Hi guys, do you guys know what the current status for the Flat Head is? Will they continue doing stuff for you?
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    Got my Bounty Hunters back from White's. Took a little less than 2 weeks for a resole. Pretty happy with the work.
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    at last co 118j mister freedom skivvy WH ranch 1901 Eat Dust x RW Pecos
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    Making a big purchase of Lysol spray Glad Hand GangstervillexGlad Hand trophy 1607 Wesco
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    Cinema day with my main man Conners s406xxx M46 Warehouse lockhood sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstar
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    Back Top Back Outstanding repairs Hem detail I do still own the leather patch and consider putting it back on...
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    same as per Final Submissions thread - just more pics... Had to wrap up things in Moscow the week before last week - 8 years of Moscow are coming to an end and I will be having more time to spend in Berlin & Scotland. Packing was pretty hectic, but in the end we got it done. Turned out to be almost a 20” container... To make things even more eventful, I had to fly to Scotland on a short notice. I managed to wash my pair in Scotland and even got it to dry, but the light wasn’t good enough for pictures on the last day. Finally, I managed to take pictures yesterday here in Berlin. 3-5 full machine washing cycles - I pretty much lived in them until the end of September. Next steps would be some basic repairs and further moderate wear. Front Top Front Hem Top Front Details
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    Denim and newborn from about two weeks ago. Second pic shows current status of back left leg crinkles, after yet another wash. Lets see what a second kid will do to me (and the way my pants will fade)
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    Washtime! Ok, I am wearing these today. Alongside a LVC duck triple pleat I picked up via SuFu, for around $100. You should be able to click on any of these any magnify them a fair bit.
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    I hope everyone's having a great autumn. Mine seems to have been crazy busy, with a new job, then over the last week my nipper, once shown as a cheeky toddler on various threads here, went off to uni. In between all that managed to find enough sunny weather to dry those jeans, which came with me on my trip Saturday to say goodbye to T Jr. Along the way there's a bit of the greatest Italian deisgn.. my neigbour up the hill seems to have swapped his Ghia-designed Alfa for a Zagato. There will be a bit of a dump of photos here, starting with them before wash. I can't see what the photos look like until they're online (running out of disk space!) so I'll probably end up deleting a few from my second post. In an ideal world I'd have time to edit these; my Fuji doesn't give natural colours, unlike our dead Sony RX100, but I think there's at least a few photos here give the look of the jeans pretty much dead-on. Pre-wash, post repair... this is pretty much dead-on for colour. Post-wash... the whole of the knee area and beyond is all wearing through. WE will follow up with some more heavy darning, otherwise the whole lot will go. The last wash, right side out, brought out broken stitches all over.