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    Hey guys! I notice that the customs information has been pretty widely disseminated. I also haven’t seen much mention of the small donations to unicef that I’ve requested. I don’t give a fuck about y’all scumbag reselling all the rare shit to the “community”—just be slightly less shitty and spare some cash for charity.
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    His outfit was way cooler Woody Toy Story tee vintage 503zxx Jordans
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    Wash day Duck pocket bags still standing up I want another pair of Roys
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    Back from a couple of weeks in the cottage in Strömstad, close to the border of Norway. Been a real lazy vacation, but at least I have a few photos to show. Took the boat and my bike one day out the Koster islands, mainly to eat lunch at Kosters gardens, a lovely place where they grow pretty much all their ingredients and have great beer and wine.
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    Love the fabric on these... developing nicely...
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    Triffer hat Telnyashka Tcb 20s Excelsior
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    My 50s slim update. Trying to sun fade them this summer by just leaving them outside in every condition. Well see how they turn out!
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    I've f'd up jeans by washing them right-side out. Since learning the hard way, I now wash my jeans inside-out and have not had any issues w/ that kind of marbling. I set the spin to low speed, and take them out after about a minute or so of the final spin cycle. There's always a short spin between cycles, so no matter what you do if you machine wash there's always that to consider. Top loading washers w/ an agitator are harsh on all types of garments. Some denims are more prone to marbling no matter what you do. My IH-888_NT's which are made w/ the UHR 21/23oz raw denim, loose dye faster than any other denim I've had and they have developed quite a bit of marbling all over. Other pairs which have a ridiculous depth of the dye saturation, like Samurai 25oz and TFH 20oz, have not had any marbling issues.
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    WTS: J34-GTPL / Medium - $1500 shipped in US. Lightly worn. Pictures and description on Grailed. J40-S / Black / Medium - $500 shipped in US. Worn, fading on stotz from use but no rips/tears/stains. SOLD J41-GT / FW1415 / Medium - $1000 shipped in US. Worn, but good condition. Minor pilling on collar. See Grailed for pictures. Nike Acronym AF1 Downtown / Black and Olive / US10 - $125 shipped in US. Lightly worn. Some marking on side of sole, can provide pictures to anyone interested. No box and misplaced the extra laces, so will only come with the olive laces. PM for shipping outside of US. Generally will be +$30-50. No international ship on the shoes. Looking for a P30A-DS in small like everyone else, so can work out a trade for any of the above.
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    WTS J61-GT, medium, 9/10 condition, includes bag and sheet, $2400 F&F/ $2490 invoiced. CONUS shipping included.
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    ^nicenicenice crinkles there foxy [and lovely lanscapes] x-postin' from waywt [oversize and buckets fo' life]
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    Iron Heart 3sixteen Samurai Visvim
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    And here’s how they came out:
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    a chilly fourth of july on the northern california coast archival effector warehouse hollows OA red wing
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    Another thought is that when denim is wet it's most prone to dye loss. IMO/IME tightly rolling them and turning them right-side out while wet can cause unwanted crocking at creases.
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    Last week ebay found.506xx jacket from 1996. 9of 10 condition .Happy me!
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    @X.bee p30-ch
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    After that trip they were ready for another wash...before the wash:
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    Sorry, this is not usually the case with other jean we sell. We didn't want to do this but we sell Roy's jeans because we love what he does. The margins are thin for us on these and we had no choice but to include a shipping fee.
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    Some more thoughts on the P30A-DS. Firstly, i was genuinely surprised by how different they look and feel compared to the P30-CH, considering they're essentially the same trouser. The CH have so much more weight that they drape completely differently and hold a much more solid shape than the DS. You can see this in the photo's from the first P30 drop but wearing them is a whole different world. Now I love Dryskin, i've got over half a dozen DS pants but these are something else. They almost have a cargo pant vibe from some angles, which i really liked, and after an hour of wear, i honestly didn't feel like i was wearing pants at all, the lack of friction in movement combined with the lack of weight is just insane, it's like the pant feels like it's just floating around you. Other interesting things... the cuff is much wider at the bottom then the P23 style cuffs, making them much easier to put on and take off, and the zip construction is solid, to zip or unzip the cuffs, you just simply flip the bottom of the cuffs up and it's easy...very clever. Also, the belt tightening plastic things are slightly different than the european models, as is the belt ribbon. The difference is very very small but it feels a little more resistant when loosening and tightening. In theory, i guess this means less likely to slip to loosen, not that i found that a problem with other pants, other than the very first release of the P23TS.
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    New to me 3sixteen jacket, it's a slim fit but I like it, wouldn't normally wear it buttoned up tbh
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    Right around a year of wear, and they keep lightening up more and more. The indigo seems to be falling off faster in the past couple weeks, so maybe they'll be up for semi-retirement before too long. The new RJB denim really is gorgeous, I especially love how the white-blue areas look on the extra worn sections at the knees and wallet.