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    Bronson chambray / CDP 44 / PF Flyers / Crap Lighting
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    Freewheelers Sunset (new) Warehouse loopwheel t Pigeion tree belt CSF jeans White Kloud boots
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    Here’s two quick phone photos of my 2002XX that I had for three years. Jacket weather is coming to an end soon, so I’m going to give this another wash and take some better photos with a real camera. My 2002XX is a side panel version from ‘13 or ‘14. Is the side panel similar to a T-back on a type I in that it’s included on larger sizes (I wear a 42)? Or is there a time when all type IIs had side panels?
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    The aforementioned weird feature on one of the selvedge pairs of 501's from the "524" factory, the center rear belt loop is made from a piece of selvedge denim??? Hard to get a good picture of it but here's the best I could do...
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    Five years ago we took our passion-project online business and rebuilt it—out of brick and mortar—in Central London. In tandem, we built a community whose obsession with the very best of luxury menswear has established us as one of the most unique independent clothing stores in the capital with a reputation for quality and service that we are truly proud of.This Saturday 23rd March we will open the doors to our second store—in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This has been a dream of ours for some time and on a wet autumnal afternoon last year we found the perfect location at 59 Thomas Street. We are excited to be able to bring the best in denim, leather, jewellery, and shirting that the world has to offer to this great Northern city rich with its own heritage and strong cultural identity. We look forward to putting faces to well-known names as well building a new community of equally passionate customers.In a few weeks’ time we will hold a proper opening party at the store and will send out details in due course. But the shop doors open 10 am this Saturday. We look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.
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    Visvim Vergil Folk Horsehide. Worn almost daily since August.
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    Never posted an update because I didn't think the jeans were faded enough, but here goes! Took my jeans back to where they were made and the man that made them Actual fade updates:
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    People neg rep and radical reply to $400 olive presto, however no one judging and even pos rep to $2800 used white J47TS-GT. hype hardshell resell market is superior to sneakers?
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    He didn’t resort to racist bullshit like you did. Just used plain terms. Unlike you. Your shitty excuse for listed with clear price and pics and whatever the fuck is complete bullshit. You never stated anything regarding offers and haven’t contributed Jack to the community. Unlike @Xu Jianfeng who’s been repping since you were oozing down the leg. Fuck off.
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    TCB60’s just had their 11th wash. Still wet. I’ll get more pics up when they’ve dried.
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    firstly some more fleece love...
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    Iron Heart Iron Heart PBJ RW
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    everyone here needs to buy their girls these PBE-019s
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    Fitpic for my 710.
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    Mini denim update. Before and after wash. Still a little damp in the after pics.
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    Part two, the "653" factory, sizes 35x36->36x36->36x36... Definitely a different pattern and I think the arcs are a bit nicer...
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    Part 2, now looking at the coin pockets of my 3 pairs with the "653" Button code, all non-selvedge, the one on the left is from '82, the other 2 are both from '83, all of them fairly wacko when compared to the earlier selvedge ones and also, the pocket openings are all single stitch. Again, you might need to maximize the pictures to see what I'm getting at. It's a completely different way of doing something fairly simple and standard on a 5 pocket jean, roughly within the same time period as the others but at a different factory.
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    Just to give a pointless update on what I was blathering on about back on page 675... The talk about patterns for various models/years reminded me of it, the first 2 photo's show the coin pockets from my 3 pairs of selvedge 501's, the one to the left is the oldest,(no rings around the backing on the rear of the rivets), so they're all roughly '79->'82-ish, they are all Button code "524", you may need to maximize the image to see the way they are stitched around the edges, they also all have a chain stitch on the pocket opening. Nice and neat and uniform.
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    Still here. Flathead F310 Bad camera
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    imma enjoying the self-quoting back from page 73 of the thread... yesyesyes lighter loops period specific confirmed and oh yes @aho - fades update most most welcome!
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    I am a true size 35, and since most brands jump from size 34 to 36, I end up having to either size up or size down. I have a pair of XX-012 that I decided to get in a size 34 and only do cold soaks /washes. They are tight. I still wear them but wish they fit better, especially after washing them. I don't wear them as much as pairs that fit me well. My advice would be to save some money and buy the size that fits you at full price. I think most of the shrink comes from just getting them wet, and that the difference in cold/warm/hot water is negligible and not enough to make up for an entire size. You mention that the size down is very tight, and the Corlection site says that they are more tapered than the standard XX-011. You'd probably get more wear out of a pair that fits you perfectly than a pair that doesn't fit that you got for a good price.