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    Love how saturated with indigo this tee is. Glad I went with the size 5, 4 would've been too small in the shoulders. Will try to take a fit pic after work today.
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    Considering the emphasis lately from E regarding paying higher wage/experienced workers, as well as the mast head of detail orientation, cross over use, and tiering- this is a pretty big gaffe. And one that could have easily been spotted both pre and post production. For a piece running this kind of money it’s inexcusable IMO. They should provide free repairs across the board, no ship fees no bullshit.
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    Finally, it's flannel weather here in NC. Shitty pic. buzz five brother MIUSA trophy 1605bk Bh oxford
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    Sorry to Volvo specially for being a bit rubbish and not loading photos from, eg, Roma. I'm out of disk space on my laptop, so I tend to download travel pix on to our desktop, and of course I've forgotten my Sufu password so I can't access the thread from there. Yes, just a roundabout way of admitting I'm useless. Anyways, yesterday we took off for the coast, Whitstable, which I've probably posted here before. One pic is of the oyster beds - which are a key reason for visiting this little town. On the way home we took a slightly different route, looking for a legendary apple orchard (!) which was unfortunately closed. But on the way I saw this cool church made of corrugated iron. I'm sure I've read about these before, sometimes they were flat-pack churches for communities that had built up suddenly; in a couple of other locations they were assembled hurriedly to replace buildings that had burnt out. Then this morning was the usual dog walk up in Greenwich Park. Tourists are out early; it's nice seeing them here in the autumn, as it must be such a brilliant time to visit. (Even though you can see the haze of pollution, I guess, which we have most days, just like back in China). The classical building is The Queens House, built for Anne of Denmark (did she inspire John Grant?), builts circa 1605, obviously influenced by Palladio, and a very influential building in Georgian architecture.
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    rising sun outdoor vest @bartlebyyphonics's old tender 132D blundstones 510
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    just a quick shot to show how insanely hairy the 50s coverall jkt is...
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    anyhoo total photo-dump finding some oshkosh bibs from c.50s and with the orslow 50s chore sitting around in the interwebs thought to pair them up... below: some impressions, including: orslow fabric and stitching (a combination of playful and faithful...) and fit (along with the 50s bibs) and then some comparisons of the two garments bar-tack stitching and corner stitch detailing, fabric weave and hue and so on... (interestingly, for all orslow's simplicity, the fabric is still pretty torqued up compared to an earlier fabric...) a long narrow fit, quite stiff and chunky denim considering its weight, a little neater than expected... a workwear power suit...
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    Hillside Schmidt Dry Bones x Self Edge (feeling all snug & fitted, on a rest day from voluminous fits) Viberg + textures + nicely faded Schmidt keyfob
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    Gone for a full English on a chilly Sunday morning: Univeral Works Tender
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    For those of you who are curious about the new liner jacket. Having owned all the previous Aux Zip liner jackets, IMHO the J74 is the best one yet. The jacket is very comfortable and easy to wear thanks to its lightness and silkiness. Think WS without the bulk but work just as good as one, if not better. The silky look of the jacket also works well with your rigid GT jackets, giving it a more sophisticated look.
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    inis meain cap, Todd Snyder jacket, TCB60’s and Red wing 3140.
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    comparison of the left chest pocket for j47a and j47ts
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    Supertrash renaissance hi sufu frans
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    Oh, and I got 2 P23a-s RAF smalls letting one go for retail, again to upstanding community members: $1663 resellers: $16,630
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    quite the revealing fit...
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    For ppl wondering how white stuffs ages years later. i got three models and material for your ref. one is ss-j4 wb-400 with nanosphere. It’s like 10 years usage with daily biking, causal wear. Oh of course food dirt like oil also split before, but it would be cleaned well, least in my opinion. Another is stotz white sp1ts-s,age would like around 5 years. And this dyskin, this is def not same as recent ds one cause that’s a high cotton blend.This should be around 10 years. gonna get details updated later.
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    Howdy, it's been a while...ye olde corporate university seems to be extracting an undue share of surplus value from me these days...hardly even time for the fun of a medicinal bath...and my fpl team is about as middling this season as the toffees. My 20s haven't really turned the corner yet, but they have become increasingly sweatpant-like in their softness, which gets awkward given the way the suspender buttons poke me in the hips when I'm lounging about: Though I'm a fairly practiced home bread baker, I've always been inconsistent with my pizza dough. So, I've been making a concerted effort in that arena. Meanwhile, an uncle shared some of the bounty from his habanero crop, which I dutifully turned into hot sauce. Cheers!
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    You're confusing "pre-Nike influenced" Acronym with "post-Nike influenced" Acronym; customer service isn't their priority anymore and they couldn't care less about nitpicking the proper HTS classification. Also some tips since you just joined last year (this goes for all you Acronym greenhorns): 1) Whenever it's a seasonal global release, it's always cheaper to buy from select vendors and boutiques. Obviously bags are only sold from acrnm.com but I've posted the list in this thread and it's been reposted before. Before you ask... No, there isn't a single vendor who's the best for all Acronym products (Firmament was king on certain pieces but Bureau has been really good too). Acrnm.com falls around 2nd-4th place if there is no customs charges. It used to be the worst for US when the De Minimis was set at $200, luckily it was raised to $800 two years ago. It's up to you to do your due diligence and figure out what works best. If you can't cop because you can't run page monitors, that's on you. Also, a majority of the sites run Shopify so if you're a sneakerhead, you're already at an advantage. *wink wink nudge nudge* 2) You can't always negotiate with the brokerage office and get 7.1% rate for all of the products. They have common sense so you will need to be aware of which codes you're using. You can keep calling and hopefully get an agent that will let you pass but it's always been luck of the draw in regards to what they won't do. 3) If you REALLY, really don't want to pay for any customs/tariffs/duties at all, just dropship it to a different country and have it reshipped with values marked down severely. This took a ton of my time and money to experiment with what works best so I can't divulge any more than that. Also, don't dropship to Canada. I was misled when a few of you guys paid no fees whatsoever then UPS came and charged me some fees only to find out it's "HST". Adding HST is not 0% to me... but that's a part of doing trial-and-error so I learned my lesson. After all is said and done, I no longer deal with random bullshit charges and I only pay what I know I'm going to pay. Good luck!
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    Probably due for an update. Over the past couple weeks my brother visited San Francisco and we went for a bunch of breweries. Then this past weekend was fleet week here in SF. Breweries we visited were, cellarmaker, fieldwork, and the rare barrel with bread and pastries from tartine
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    #6081 is a beauty - not getting around to wear mine. try googling pics for PBj 6081 and you get to see a handfull - a member over at IHUK did get one early last year...
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    Sneak Peak (April 2018) – BikeRumor! Soft Line Shell practically a continuation of the J62 & J63. (reviews of the fabric can be found in the acrnm topic) Stone Island FW1819 438Y2 PERMANENT WATER REPELLER GORE-TEX® INFINIUM SOFT LINEN SHELL (Soft Line Shell Vest, with fold-away Shakedry sleeves) Stone Island FW1819 435Y1 PERMANENT WATER REPELLER GORE-TEX® PRODUCTS WITH SHAKEDRY™ PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY_PACKABLE (Shakedry Trench, with Nylon Metal Down detachable Liner - including back pocket for trench) I've been praising the packability of shakedry for a while and this might be the most inventive application yet. Zip-off sleeves have been done countless times before but zip-in I don't recall; Stone Island gives the convenience of a techbro patagonia vest with always available coverage when needed. Perhaps only Jared of Silicon Valley could pull off this pleather looking biker vest with the prominent pockets and back logo so I hope other brands borrow this idea for more muted designs
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