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    I did another wash. Makes it 14 months and around 10 to 12 machine washes. One day ill replace it with the 1101xx.
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    Found these on eBay for cheap... hard wash version.
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    Lovely stuff Paul! I'm trying hard to convince my brothers to buy some decent tcb jeans....
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    @Collin such solid looks indeed! @lefty lovely roys - and t!
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    Picked up this guy recently and I’ve really been loving it, was initially looking into some other seiko divers then all of a sudden this one just called my name threw it on an older leather band while I get some links taken out of the bracelet.
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    Monsters Outside Elvis and Kresse Freshly bathtub washed Roy S&S/Lofgren/tsptr Double chocolate Sans chocolate
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    Same watch, different fabrics...
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    Where did the spring go? I seem to have spent the last month on projects that still aren't finished. But I had a nice trip to see my dad in May for the old fella's birthday. My parents live in a town called Beverley, which is beautiful (see the ancient Minster, which I guess they started building around 1100 ad), kinda boring but boasts one of the country's greatest pubs, called Nellie's. I think it dates to the 1750s and still pretty much all original. Gas light. They have no trendy beer whatsoever; but do great bottles of Pale Ale, which I think I am consuming here. I hope during the course of this contest to get my own VOlvo back, @volvo240thebest. It's been in the shop for a year, work now finished but of course I've run out of £££. Hopefully will sort that by August! I've also been pursuing another restoration, of my own Jazzmaster. @erk posted his earlier. i bought mine rather a long time back, influenced by Tom Verlaine. They were incredibly cheap then, under £200. it had been resprayed in the 70s in a thick polyester paint, and I've always wanted to get a proper period paintjob. I dropped it off to the country's main specialist (having sold a leather jacket and three very good pairs of jeans incudling my 55 1955 LVC for the work) ... and it turns out it's quite a rare, ash-bodied model which would have come, not in white as I though, but in a see through blonde, and came out of the Fender factory in april 1963. I'd debated whether to get someone cheaper to do the job, but my man is the best in the world for blonde finishes, so it's turned out really well. Might have to sort out more stuff to sell in the meantime. Look out for an update when it's finished, around Christmas time I hope. Final pic is of a lovely bar in Doncaster train station... previously the 1st Class waiting room with excellent Victorian tiling. Then when I got home that evening, I cooked a salad pizza to remind the family they missed me. No real development on the pants... so I'll update those next time,
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    Saddle pants. I bought these when they came out (last September, maybe?) and have been wearing pretty regularly since then. Maybe 100 wears? At least 5 washes in the bathtub. The denim on these shrinks/stretches A LOT. These go from skinny jeans to actually-quite-baggy jeans in just a few days. I've never had jeans stretch out so much in the leg. I feel like even the calf and leg opening stretch out. I really love the details and how they feel, but I was somewhat on the fence about the look of the fabric. And then something happened (the weather changed?) and they started looking pretty good. Still nowhere near what other folks' OAs are looking like -- ALB's and Broark's are what I am aspiring to. Probably need to be washing more regularly. In any case, I think by the end of the summer, these will be looking as good as they feel.
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    Great updates all! It's been crazy hot in Gothenburg the last couple of days so the 20's have recieved some rest and mainly stolen the limelight during the evening shenanigans. My department and I went to a vineyard/spa called Ärsta vingård for a conference the other week. I had no clue that there even existed vineyards in Sweden. Let alone that there's 70 of them. I've also taken a trip to Växjö to visit a friend. We went to see Hanna Järver - one of Swedens new promising pop icons, took a walk in the woods and had fika at PM Bröd & Sovel that was crowned Swedens best café in 2018. It was alright. Other than that it's mostly been a time of hanging out at the sea and parks. Quick fit pic to keep this at least a little denim related!
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    I got a pic to upload!!!! Hooray! Here’s my latest suit for my manual labor job, a sample LVC triple pleat and my 20s. Fades are starting to show on the front pockets and butt mainly. 2 soaks, no washes.
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    Quit old job, got new job, quit that job, and went back to old job. Lots of washes and wears. A little dirty in front but tis the job.
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    Ranch blouse in SC denim at 6 months of evening and weekend wear. Really happy with the way it's developing character and the blue is starting to peep through...
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    Here is a peak at our collab coat with Blue Seven. Releasing on May 12th during their Clean Start event at shop in Oklahoma! Steven and I will be there to hangout and do some denim care giveaways.
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    Thanks everybody! that would be from one of the more recent WH button-down shirts.
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    Just a reminder of how awesome the lot 17 denim from Ooe is.
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    pics from after the soak/wash... waistband, back yoke, cinch & back pocket are cut at a 90 degree angle...
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    Tshirt: Oak+Fort Shorts: NikeLab ACG Deploy Leg warmer: NikeLab ACG Shoes: Nike x Acronym Vaporrmax
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