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    toj undercover number (n)ine lad musician
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    Dri-Fit Dri-Fit Adidas Y-3
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    yeah. ordo left me a rep comment. they're coming back.
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    WAYWT video edition: http://instagram.com/p/eoD6bLCvky/ fuct PAM dickies trickers paulsmith nunchaku maiden noir (on coat hanger) deal with it
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    It's been awhile. A couple things I picked up this week. Getting ready for fall.
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    i say send the fucking pics to dude in jail and be done with it.
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    too dark when i got home today to take a proper picture for u fewgale <3 @ brycity and badmusician you guys are killin it!!
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    Lad Musician F/W'13 Face-Mask/Scarf. Lad Musician Asymmetrical MA-1. Lad Musician F/W'13 3/4th sleeved Grey U-neck. (Barely vis) Old Black Jeans. Thrift.
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    Beautiful! Makes me really really happy about the Leather Soul Jump Boot build that was almost a Super Future boot...we obviously came very close to nailing a design directly out of the Alden archives from the 70's. I know Alden is swamped, but this is just further proof that they have so much brilliant stuff in their archives...wish they would do a little bit more of that, and a little bit less letting shitty shops that have been carrying Alden for +-3 years specify custom runs based on what is supposed to be cool this year.
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    Walk On straight tip boots, glass finish. These are based on Aldens from the 70s.
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    A-2 Real McCoys Contract Mid Brown
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    I've always disliked leather sweatpants (mainly because "shit's dumb" and "go buy leather trousers instead") and I'm amused to read that he's taking credit of it. http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2013/09/24/kanye-west-says-hedi-slimane-copied-his-work
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    http://peoplewearingcollective.tumblr.com/ this is like og pokemon. red, green an blue (3)
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    update: have turned cc processing option off again as seems it's still not connecting properly. looking into it... ------------------------ hmm... looks like debit/cc option had switched itself off...?! though the paypal option is definitely working. just turned it on again... invoice is reset to pending... so if you put cc. details in it should work this time... but if it doesn't let us know... [you can find invoice in CLIENT AREA in the user pull-down menu at top of this page...] sorry about that... !!