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    1946 SugarCane x Junky Special Each pair is 'one of a kind' as you can see from the individual wonky pocket stitch. Junky held an exhibition, towards the latter end of 2017 to showcase some of the vintage denim held in the Toyo Enterprise vault, the DS 1946 belonging to Mr. Ryoichi Kobayashi being one of them, this repro was sold over the counter to folks who attended the exhibition. The denim was loomed especially for this run of 100, if you look at this worn example the texture looks to be leaning towards WWII. Here's some more photo's.. They have a lovely hand made feel.. . Run off . . . . Here's a post wash fit pic SunSurf + JSP 46's + JL Don't go away just yet, put the kettle on...get the custard creams Ive also got the SC X JSP 1946 506XX . . Sloppy af . . fin.
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    Ive been researching SugarCane's M-Series on and off for years..it's 99% complete but still a bit of a work in progress.. First up are the 'MP' codes, from what i can gather they originated around the late 80's, there used to be some bits of helpful info on 90's era Japanese blog sites, Geocities and such, sadly nowadays its all been lost or archived... MP-597 XX replica, redline denim, offset loop, what look like a boxy 50,s cut. MP-603 Circa 90/91, white/silver line, off set loop but look more like a '47' cut MP-604 101Z 'Cane's' Riders released from around 1990/91 MP-619 Lee 101, Pinkline, 'Union Made Cane's' button None of the MP models have a patch. Production of the MP codes ends before 1992. I have seen an article in 'Made in Japan' magazine referring to the 1991 release of the M41001 but that was retrospective having been published in 1998, there must have been a few years crossover period. Next up the early 90,s product codes M41072 1922-1936 replica M41028 1873 Repro, No back yoke Single pocket . M41030 Late 30,s 501XX using a 13oz white line denim These came into production in the early 90,s and gained a cloth patch around 1997, There is also a M41030 with standard 'Toyo&CoSPL' fly M41001 Early 90's Laurel leaf model, late 40,s silhouette, 50,s details, pink-line denim M41001 1997 cloth patch model, both of these pairs are a 50's repro/details but their silhouette is more 47-esque, most unlike the wide/boxy (slightly exaggerated SC-55's) M41027 40,s Repro 101-B 14oz denim M41057 WWII 101-B M41051 1936 101 Cowboy Hair on Hide M41101 Mid 30,s 101 Cowboy M41058 11MW M41059 1947 11MW For comparison here's a deadstock pair belonging to Mr. Takahashi (Junky) A comparison of the pinkline denim types through the generations Worth noting that the M41001 & M41030 are 1" undersized comparred to the SC-47's and shrink 'from tagged' M41001 Tagged 32 SC-1947 Tagged 32 Other notable mentions M40333 Bell Bottoms M41151 Painter Pants M41117/M41099 Lot 117 + Lot 99 Ranch Pants, 10oz, buckle back, wide leg M41102 Lot 102 Engineer Pants, 10oz buckle back, wide leg M41104 Lot 104 Tool Pocket, 10oz wide leg M41106 Lot 106 Union Made Logger Pants, 10oz wide leg Next up are the 91-97 M-Series Denim Jackets M11026 WWII 13oz denim (M11317 506XX Cloth Patch +pocket flap +donut buttons) M11001 Type2 without patch/outer stitch M11027 with patch M11028 Type 3 All of the above lots started life circa early 90,s and gained a cloth patch before the end of production in 1997 M11317 213 blouse M11002 (M11327 Blanket Lined) 101-J M11141 11MJ M11142 11MJZ Scovill zipper I hope this helps with the search... If you need anymore info, let me know and i'll see what i can dig up.
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    It's great. This cut is one of my favs so im a bit biased. I'm glad that acronym is adding variety in texture (even though some of the knits are ugly as sin), cuz it helps break up the cosplay/costume look. It's a fairly warm mid/base layer. Wore it under my J51 in NYC today and it kept me very warm. Both pics below w/ the P33
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    1998 M-series After spending the early 90,s constructing the perfect replica's SugarCane decided to distance itself from strict reproduction. All of the following are SugarCane's own interpretation. M41119 (1st) 66 cut, 14oz course weave moving away from pink or white and into green line denim. The arcs are gone but the red tab is still apparent. Goat skin patch, coming into production in 1998 but due to the transition the early model button backs are still stamped with the S as per the 91-97 Lots. M41200 (2nd) Sugar Cane's own interpretation of a wide leg 1910 model using the 14oz green line denim. A unique looking pair of jeans. No tab or arcs. The selvage is visible around the inside of the waistband, crotch rivet and hammered exposed back pocket rivets reinforced with leather discs. Starting to experiment with pocket bag materials. The button backs are now stamped 98 to indicate year of manufacture. M41300 (3rd) Tapered from hip to hem, 14oz green line denim. 98 button code. Deerskin patch, front rivets now neatly embossed "Sugar Cane" while hidden rivets are stamped with the usual SC&CO TY. Lined back pockets/coin pocket. No tab or arcs. M41400 (4th) Paper patch, Mid 50,s cut, Talon Zipper Model using 14oz green line denim. The red tab returns but no arcs. The patch is the same design as the Deerskin M41300 shown above albeit embossed in red on paper M41301 Brother model to the above using black 14oz white line denim but replacing the zipper with a button fly. M11619 Sharing the same 14oz course weave green-line denim as the M41119 M11400 Same paper patch as the M41400 continuing to move away from reproduction... Six years later Sugar Cane moved on from the M codes to the SC codes which we all know today, bold move to then resurrected both tabs and arcuates when throughout the late 90,s they sought to distanced themselves from their use. 2004 Sugar Cane Lot.1947 Happy hunting..
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    Homemade hat, Real McCoy's N1, UES indigo flannel, Freewheelers aviator trousers, Vibergs
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    Nice one , glad to see this thread getting some activity Got my s406xxx ww2 a few days ago and after a 40 degree was I couldn't be happier with it . I went with for a 38 for my 46 but this time wanted a little more room so got a 40 Bit of an uninspiring fit pic but we're having a lazy day , spuds are pealed , roast is in the oven .... my slippers are on and my feet are up
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    S&S gave me a nice little surprise with the: one of the Santa Fe totes that OA made for their Santa Fe opening! I believe the edges are selvedge and the fabric is unsanforized, so it'll shrink and warp a bit with a soak. Gave the jeans a warm wash, should be dry by tomorrow. It's been while since I've had a fresh pair of OA's, and I'm always reminded why I enjoy their work so much.
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    kapital, samurai, sugarcane, john gluckow, yuketens.
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    Blue shadow 710s (all the way back from when BiG sold them!). Worn at least 6 years.
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    At Last x 2 / RMC x 2 / Viberg
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    Fit pics! Pretty happy with the fit, length, etc.
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    cheap N1 from Taobao tcb ranchman remains BBC vest warehouse 1004xx white's semidress
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    Spiraltoy Sweden TCB 60’s in W31. I wore the jeans pretty hard for the first year or so with many repairs. Last 6 months I’ve worn them only a handful of times. I think I’m at 12 40C washes. My first comp but not my last. These jeans have been through a lot fave thing definitely the delivery of our youngest, Hilma. Hilma chillin on the tcb 60s a week after delivery. When new After 8 months. fit pic.
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    By popular demand @propellerbeanie A few more on the blog: http://indigoveins.com/tcb-30s-jacket-update-1/
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    Samurai hat and jeans, Trophy shirt, PBJ jacket, Vibergs
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    When you got to take your shoes off a bunch today Freewheelers X 2 OOE Yuketen
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    I quite like the idea of everyone who’s interested in some kind of contest just grabbing an unworn pair of jeans from their stash/pile/wardrobe/denim chest/etc and agreeing to wear them for a year. Most of us have a pair ready to go and this would encourage wearing what we already have rather than indulging in further unnecessary consumerism and the accompanying carbon footprint. The ‘green jean’ contest if you like. There could be no prize or each contestant could chip in a sum, eg £10/$10/€10. All contestants get a secret vote and winner takes the pot. C’mon everyone, Greta T would be proud!
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    I totally agree with you! Just a simple pair of jeans, no frills. Iam still washing my pair inside out but maybe I will change that for a future pair. And here to show that I totally have no sense of style but at least some nice leg twist!
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    Another month, another wash! The fabric on these jeans are crazy and I think it will evolve nice with monthly washes.
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    At Last 147 tux, Equus, Lofgren, Ooe bandanna
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    Ive had a FW's Brakeman for a good few years now, ive found the sleeves to be in proportion, well maybe 1/2" too long to allow for a bit of stacking, those Rakuten staff have def sized it wrong I haven't had an issue with single origin sleeve dunkage but that's mainly because im an un-cultured Nescafe Gold Blend kind of fellow...
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    Flat Head. Bronson. Ooe. Viberg.
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    Finally washed