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motorcycles caused me strife

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I'm in the market for a new bike. Need some advice from seasoned riders...

Any opinions on the following options?:


What I really need is something I can commute on all year - through the wet, icy, muddy British winter, I'm used to 60's vespas in London and ran a couple for almost 10 years but wanted a proper bike now that I live in the countryside.


I like the looks of these:

Moto Guzzi V7



Triumph scrambler



Are these viable options? Are they going to deteriorate through the winter? Would I be better off with a big modern scooter? These are way more practical but hard to get excited about.

I have the v7 and love it for city commute but those clip ons are excruciating on long rides .

Also if you are short statured you may have trouble straddling as my suspicion it was designed for taller riders .

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on some days

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Is this thread still alive?


My WR250R riding some trails in Napa County this weekend:





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