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Crossdressing :)


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I have an unusual question. When I was out thrifting the other day, I found the most amazing coat in the men's section. Heavy worsted wool, beautifully cut, fit me sensationally well (I am tall but have narrow shoulders). Seriously, fits like a glove, beautiful heavyweight cloth, just perfect.

I found it super easy to button, too, which was strange, because I'm left-handed, and...


Oh, shit.

Is this a woman's coat?

So it turns out that it buttons right-over-left, which is usually associated with women's coats. In fact, I think that's basically the #1 way of telling womens and mens coats apart, and it's pretty much universal.

But this coat is cut straight, it's in a size that's not usual for women (~40L), it's made at Singer Clothing in Brooklyn (which makes "Mens and Boys clothing") and is made from "exclusive suiting" from Smith, Renton & Co.

So, uh, two questions

1) This isn't a woman's coat, right? It's a men's coat tailored for a leftie. Right?

2) And if it is a men's coat, will I be scorned/mocked/derided for wearing it because it buttons right-over-left?

Shitty camphone pics:





Where it's from (Google Maps):


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This thread is inappropriately titled.

1) You bought a women's coat at a thrift store

2) People usually know that you are wearing a women's coat.

I remember seeing a WAYWT by adum (i think that's his username?). He wore this awkwardly cut woolly hood duffle thrifted jacket that was way short and had short sleeves. Then I noticed that the buttons were on the other side.

Sorry to bring the bad news, but people will definitely raise an eyebrow.

You can either wear the coat and not give a damn, or just trash it, and save up for a proper-fitting men's coat.

I think chris is the only dude who could wear random women's beanies and still make it look cool...

Seriously though, all this unisex shit with dudes wearing girl shit and girls wearing boy shit is becoming to be more accepted.

But you bought a women's coat from a thrift store

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oh well, it cost me the princely sum of $10.

too bad. it's kind of embarrassing that the best-fitting coat i have is a woman's coat.

i guess i can either throw it in the goodwill pile or save my shekels for a sex change

don't be embarrassed! i tried on my friends' bebe peacoat and it fit me better than any guys' coat has.

rock that ship and don't give a fuq what they think. and do that for everything else you want to wear too.

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