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Evisu is still loved!


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Just heard back from the seller. They're the black edged selvedge :ohmy: . Can't help feeling a bit disappointed now :(

Could you post a pic up of yours? I may learn to love them.

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Ah well- as you say- shouldn't be the dealbreaker i guess. All of my jeans have the white edge so maybe it's time for a change.

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Seldom did i see great faded pairs of Evisu like these 2 on the net......

Just found them on a Taiwan forum, both being No.2 Lot 2000

Jean 1 - 4years, mostly worn in the Winter time only


Jean 2 - ~3years of daily wear


Direct links to the threads:(in Chinese, more photos)

Jean 1 http://www.mobile01....5&last=35005567

jean 2 http://www.mobile01....432330&r=20&p=1

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you havent seen mine?

Of course, seen that. But you've to admit well faded samples like yours & the above 2 are still few & far between c/o other brands. :rolleyes:

Hope more denimheads post their evisu, just to keep others interest in the brand :D

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Number 1 special's worn for about a year solid, maybe more. Didn't alternate at all, and finalized their destruction helping renovate a salon space for my wife - which accounts for the paint on them. Washed 5 or 6 times.

Unfortunately sized wrong. I'm a natural 29-30 waist and got these in a 30. Had to use a waist stretcher so they didn't crush my hips but they definitely were tight on the berries. Have a size 31 ready to go once I move on from the pair of Eternal 811's I'm currently wearing out.




Relegated to the bullpen aka weekend wear only now.

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Thanks detonator - any better directions to denim works than shibuya & harajuku? I went to bears on my last trip there and was left unimpressed by the service. They were quiet rude!

Actually looks like they moved from tokyo to hiroshima! (denim works)

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bears? rude? are you sure??? theyre very nice i usually visit them when i go to tokyo.

anyways try americaya in ueno and hinoya they do repairs too

americaya on the back 2nd floor where they sell their samurai's

Yeah i was really looking forward to seeing the store but when i got there i think i must of interrupted the guy at the store from leaving for his break or something. It was the only time in our 2 weeks in Japan where we felt unwelcome anywhere!

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i don't know how long you'll stay in japan, but usually they take 1 to 2 wks to repair unless they're busy or it depends which shop you'll use (the better reputable shop, the busier).

I've had my jeans hemmed at denimworks before and it took 5 days - just bear in mind.

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Hey guys,

Been wearing my no.2's for a few weeks now and I'm struggling to tell the difference between these and my washed no.1's!?

What commands the extra money for no.1 over no.2? I know obviously one is sanforized and one isn't but what else is there to it?


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