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What are your jeans doing today?


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Today was kinda busy but fun. First off I went to a talk by Bob Edwards, an old school radio journalist, then went to an on-campus Art-Walk that my friends put together:

What a wore to the talk by Bob Edwards:


The talk was in our old Library, really cool architecture in here:


after the talk, I had to go to my accounting class :(


After class, I went to the gym. Afterwards I went and grabbed a smoothie, really good, Bananas, Strawberries and whey protein, :cool:


Before the art-walk, I threw on a Flannel shirt to battle the chilly southern nights


The Art @ the show was all amateur stuff, but some I found pretty good.

This John Lennon painting was cool:


This was my favorite tho, "Homeboy Jesus" with thumbs up, haha


I really like Pop-Art, and this Graphic design piece was cool. The theme was skateboard design:


All in all a pretty good show.

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Saturday: DIY day.

DIY jeans, old Lee Sanforized RIders. Six more months of painting or scrubbing floors and they'll look like they belonged to an old prospector.


Our street this morning - apples washed down our hill in the overnight storms....


As far as I got with the painting... it got dark about 30 minutes after this...



THen a down the road to see The Clerk. On Saturdays he works here:


This gives a good idea of the kind of things go on in Greenwich. You can spot me bottom left; the Clerk is the one with the larger buttocks, to my right... if you give a shit, you'll also recognise these buildings from th GOlden Compass and dozens of other movies. This is the view you got if you poke your head outside the pub (on Saturday nights). It's called the Admiral Hardy - he was the guy to whom Nelson murmured "kiss me Hardy," before he expired of his wounds.


THis is The CLerk, another SuFu'er, with his clothes on.


And here's what his new venture is: the first man to offer chainstitching in the UK. These are my SDAs, behind them is payment in kind (opening offer. He will be chanstitching for hard cash soon and I can thoroughly recommend him. ). Here's his site; he sells T-shirts as well as doing chainstitching. I think he will charge around £18


The beer, Meantime, is made in Greenwich. I was very proud, when I was in Michigan last year, that you can buy it there, too. THe only export industries the UK has left are fashion, music, publishing and alcohol. Could be worse.

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Sunday morning... more rain overnight. This is Brick Lane, around 9am. This area, the East End, is where immigrants traditionally settled from the 1600s on - Huguenots escaping French massacres established a fabric industry in this area, principally silk, and near here is where the jews and students ran Oswald Moseley's fascist blackshirts out of London in the 30s. The church at the bottom is by Hawksmoor, from around 1720, and was designed to intimidate the local population. Two of Jack The Rippers victims frequented the Ten Bells, a beautiful tiled Victorian pub next to the church, I think the body of one was found in the churchyard. The pub used to have all the victorian newspaper cuttings about the murders on the wall - you could read about his killings while strippers danced on the table at luncthime. Gilbert & George's house was the third one on the left. We used to see them most Sunday mornings, but I suspect they moved recently.


Bargains are getting thin on the ground. I bought a cheap Tele copy, valve hifi amp, guitar amps, Kef speakers, 50s kids' denim jacket, an old violin, SUper 8 camera, paintings, a Nikon FE2, a cool Tonka truck and lots of 50s tin toys from this market, but the council have run off most of the interesting traders.


But these are still a bargain. We usually get these free, the shop's been here at least 50 years and is open all night. Full price is 30 pence. Hot and buttered.


Someone bought an organ today. .


THis woman is called Caroline. She was carrying around a can of cider, and a cat called Blue:


This one is for Lendo. I'm impressed by Lendo's hounds, but this one is the Texas version - nice finish too, would make a great print for a bag. This dude runs a shop just around the corner.


Moustaches are big around this part. We are now around the corner from Brick Lane: Columbia Road, another old street with a Flower Market. THis is our favourite sweet shop: Suck and Chew. They stock the old-style midget gems, where all the black ones ore poprer licorice flavour. Sadly there are rumours they are to be discontinued in favour of blackcurrant ones. Shameful. The proprietor also has an impressive collection of moustache cups. NEver understood how they worked until he showed me.


My and my brand new SDA103. No moustache, no dog. Sorry. But I am carrying some cabbages.


Child with H&M selvage jeans. And cabbages.


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On the way home, via Shoreditch High St.

Here's a new shop, Present, at Number 140, they've been open around 7 or 8 weeks.


They stock a really impressive range of Custom Trickers; quite a few with VIbram soles.


We went here becuase a friend Gwylym, pulls the coffees in the shop - the owner is an old mate of his. He won the World Chamption Barista competition in Atlanta earlier this year. This shop stocks SDA, for £300; very nice Millerain tan waxed cotton parka, too, didn't dare ask the price. The espressos are £1.50 - good value, for about the best in London.


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Pretty normal Wednesday for me today.

Made some coffee to start the day off.

Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee through the French Press :D


I get my coffee from a shop across the street from my college. They roast the coffee beans themselves. pure deliciousness:


After my morning classes, I waited for my lady to get out of hers. Beautiful day to sit outside:


Glad to see that the leaves are finally starting to change colors. You know it's the fall in the South when you can see red coming through:


Before my night class, I had a little mini-supper:

Ramen and Yerba Mate :)


I realized how many drinks I bring to class :rolleyes:


After class was over, I came back and decided to enjoy a nice Black Lager:


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never left the couch..

watched the prisoner for the whole day..




Seeing the new series inspired me to watch my dad's collection of the old one again.. This one is much better IMO.. im about 12 hours in with 5 to go

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^ If you are going to remake something, you should choose something with good bones but also plenty of flaws (for whatever reason The Highlander comes to mind, but remaking may wreck all its campy beauty). Remaking near-perfect classics, like The Prisoner, is just a cash grab. It's a bit like trying to repaint the Mona Lisa. Just enjoy the original.

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