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What are your jeans doing today?


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my jeans & i drove about 250 miles today in the cab. made 2 trips out about 45mins outside of the city to take and then pick up a minivan full of teachers and such from a wine festival.

on the way back, wine was spilt upon my jeans and i was invited to a girl's house for her dinner party.

sadly, i am incredibly worn out and don't feel like driving another 45min only to have to wake up at 5 and go to work again tomorrow.

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what kind of jeans does bobby have on?

lenny me boy, watch that drinking and driving. my kids need an education. i won't even ask you how wine somehow was in the front seat of the cab!


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wednesday to friday.

got a ticket for going 160mph on 101S to SLO. ran around on the beach and partied a little bit.

drove down to fullerton and then to laguna. bought a motorcycle. went to the beach and swam in the warm water. drove back to fullerton. rode to riverside. rode back to fullerton.

rode from fullerton to monterey and then to santa cruz and up into san jose.

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Fuck dude, you really got that ticket? That's gonna be huge.. I'm bummed enough with my 73 in a 55 I picked up today on the 108

I'll have a post later with pics of my camping trip

i left the ticket at exteeng's place. post it up!!!

i need a camera so i can post photos of me getting a knee down on highway 9. got some cheap knee pads from target and destroyed them in about... 5 hours...

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so heres some snaps from my camping trip last weekend. only had my phone camera since my friend was borrowing my 10D for a job

jeans: Crate vs Farinelli's collab

location: manteca, CA to lake beardsley, CA

started by getting some gas in the car on Friday night ( dont know why this didnt rotate, sorry)


woke up in the AM, threw some clothes on. everyone was meeting at my place so i went and grabbed some donuts... im the host with the most


went to the store with everyone and came back to load up the ice chests and pack the cars before we left. tally on supplies: 56 hot dogs, 40 buns, 4 30 packs, and a bag of ruffles. it was a big bag though.

here we are trying to decide which is more important to cool: beer or food


my jeans and i got in the car and we're ready to go. iPod, some seeds, and a couple of my friends. good car ride




stopped for some pizza at a great little place on the 108


got up to our spot about 45 minutes later. took a quick shit and then broke camp


cracked the first


didn't end up playing much, but it was fun for a while. got windy


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went down to the lake for a while. its a real beautiful lake, nice beach, a path around most of it thats a gorgeous walk, and the water always feels real good in the summer. being this our last trip of the year, and it kinda late in the season, we didn't do any swimming this time. the water was wayyyy low

riding to the lake in the back of my friends car (had to cram 10 people into a Grand Cherokee, only one car owner could drive lol)


brought the cuffs out to keep the legs cool on the walk down to the water...


was up to treeline 2 months ago when i was last up



found some logs to stand around on


friend showed me up


went back and started the fire up


burned some firewood, and some other stuff


night time hit and the real drunkenness began


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woke up in the morning with no hangover at all thanks to mother nature and her beautiful mountain air. took our time packing up and then waved bye-bye for 2009 unless we make a snow trip this year.

picked this up on the way home: 73 in a 55


girlfriend came by to say hello... was a little excited


she left a couple hours later so i finally took the jeans off for the weekend, hung them up, and jumped in a much needed shower.


good shit.

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this thread is starting to seem like the "what I was doing before I got a speeding ticket" thread.

in all seriousness. nice post connor. I'm glad there is a fellow seeder on superfuture. I've gotten most of my band mates into sunflower seeds on tour. it passes time like none other.

edit: I like that pic of the lake too. pretty interesting.

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hell yeah dude. seeds keep me alive. ive been looking for this bag of seeds from a dream for months, no joke. i know ive had them before in real life but they pop up in my dreams all the time. its a blue and clear bag with an animal as a logo, but i can never make out what.

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had a fun day today, went to the creek backwoodz called POINT BLANK



manmade stairs to the


manmade bridge (unsafe really)

then some epic trees


and funny tree shaped like a gun shooting my bf



my fav photo of the day, my puppy explorer



paintball hideout

my actual jawns


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