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edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife


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nice thread. i keep it simple. every day there's these plus my phone (but i had to take the shot with it)


•hides single duster keyring w/ apt and krypto keys, sometimes with a utilikey on there

•card holder - right now from jack spade

•ipod nano

•pentel white out pen (not pictured)

on bulkier days will also have a moleskine planner and large hardback moleskine.

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the nitecore looks looks more deadly than the knife when its folded up.. haha

srsly tho for all you guys w/o flashlights, this i a GREAT time to buy -- new technology is on the way and LOTS of manufacturers are stepping their game up!!

hit up the thread if you want some suggestions and places to research ;)

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yo I'm not sure how surefire rates their outputs, they tend to underrate them because I'm sure it's brighter than the stated 80 lumens. but yeah, that's like 5" long w/o a clip.. doesnt look pocketable at all.

Right now 4sevens is releasing new lights, while Fenix is updating their old ones.

Are you looking for a 2 cell light like your SF or would you rather cut down to 1 cell? personally I prefer 1 cell lights because theyre on average 3", but that might be small for your hands..

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EZCR2w has a CREE XR-E Q3 5A emitter which basically has a "warm"er tint, around ~4000 Kelvin on the color temperature range.

I bought the warm emitter because at the sacrifice of a few lumens, maybe like 30ish (which is very hard to tell anyway when it gets upwards 100 lumens), you get what's called higher color rendition. If you notice, lots of LEDs and "white" lights are actually "cool" or bluer in tint -- similar to fluorescent lighting vs incandescent (not really the same, but it sort of works here.)

Here's a pic of the beamshot:


maybe about 1m from the wall. notice how the hotspot/center seems very bright, but on the side the spill isn't really blue/purpley.

A good visual example of the difference between neutral and cool and their applications is this outdoors shot of me grilling at night. The first pic shows the burgers under neutral light.


Neutral light seems to cut better through fog/smoke than cool, has to do w/ refractive/reflective properties and shiet that I don't know too much about.

another shot of the burgers under neutral light, cutting through some thick ass smoke here


Compare to cool white XP-E q5:


the beam is noticeably bluer and the burgers do not look as appealing as they are brown but blue can't really reflect brown very well.

in summary, neutral white offers higher color renditioning and a tint closer to natural sunlight (like incandescent but not as yellow) at the expense of output

EDIT: note that only the beamshot pic is the actual EZCR2. the other pics are eagletac p10c2 NW and fenix pd20 cool white for demo purposes. if you're looking into the ezcr2 i'd warn you not to overtighten or you'll break the spring like I did, to cop duracell cr2s from batteryjunction and use cpf2009 at checkout, and to clean and lube the threads when you finally get it. :)

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Any of you knife dudes have any sharpening tips?

If you really want to sharpen your knife well, you should send them in to either the parent company or third party knife specialists to get them sharpened.

If you're just whatever about it and wanna do it at home, just find a nice medium grit stone and trace it along with the angle of the blade. You can also finish with a finer stone to get it even sharper. Afterward, just strop (remove any jagged edges, teeth) against a semi-soft wood or even shell out and get a leather barber strop for $20-30 on ebay. Stroping helps to hold the edge longer, so don't forget to skip this step.

Oh, and imo, never use sharpening steels. I feel they wear out the blade more than they straighten. If you need to, just sharpen the blade and skip the steel.

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^ cool. Good choice on neutral for backpacking. It will look better outdoors where most colors are warm like brown green and yellow. However the cr2 is REALLY small, I have small hands and find it hard to hold sometimes. And batteries are expensive and hard to find. Just keep that in mind. Good luck!

EDIT: also just remembered if youll be in the wild you might want some longer runtime -- you may want to look into some 2cell lights w/ warm tint likehttp://www.4sevens.com/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=531

or maybe


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bit driver is essential

used the hex bit today to adjust the height of my daughter's crib

so much easier than fumbling with a hex wrench

though i do admit it is not the most comfortable thing to hold when you are using it for more than a couple minutes

i think they could have rounded off some edges

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^ the problem with that is that they're two vastly different lights. you're comparing a twisty-operated 1 cell cr2 sized light (like 2") vs a 2 cell 123 tactical clicky type light (maybe 5") so it might be harder for you to EDC the quark because of its size. however, it would definitely last over twice as long as the cr2. I'm confident it would also reach further and be brighter so in the outdoors that might be more useful.

The real solution would be to buy both and rotate their usage depending on the situation. :D

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the best value I would say at this point is the maratac AAA or itp eos A3 for around $20 each, good keychain carry, really small etc.

personally I would try to spring for an EZAA from nitecore, I sorta wish I had one. then you could join the sufu nitecore brotherhood too.

4sevens just put out a new AAA light, the Preon, uses newest LED technology so its probably the brightest single AAA light out there... pretty cheap too, like under $50 for the non-titanium versions.

maratac can be found at http://countycomm.com

ITP EOS A3 can be found at http://batteryjunction.com or http://goinggear.com

Preon and EZAA can be found at http://4sevens.com use cpf8 at checkout for 8% off + free ship, and put down flæshaholic for the CPF referrer plz :].

take a look at those and report back here at what you think you'd like

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ah damn, i already have enough obsessions as it it, may have to add flashlights (i'm just gonna drop the charade and call them torches)

considering your recommendations, I think it's between the EZ 123 and Quark 123, and I think i'm leaning towards the Quark 123 - seems to have more features (sos and beacon flash: you never know)

On the other hand, the nitecore looks like a lightsabre..

decisions :D

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^ nice. i really like my quark 123 titanium, i just wish it was neutral warm and tactical. i actually think 4sevens has one up for sale right now:


use quark15 i think for 15% off.

i really wish it came in titanium, would flip my current titanium and cop that. ffffff



added to my EDC:


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i also carried a mini-grip today. awesome slicing capabilities. way better than the normal grip. love the s30v too....now if only i could afford some wilkins grips

yeah, i never was much of a fan for the hollowgrind edge. i was cutting cardboard all day and knife is still sharp.

i'm going to try and give it a convex edge.

i have titanium wilkins grips with red spacer if you're ever interested.

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