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shit you hate


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According to chase.com, I drunkenly paid a car service 50 fucking dollars to take me about 15 blocks to my home, where I started bawling because I couldn't unbutton the back of my dress and I thought I was going to be trapped in it forever. 



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need to hear this story sir

not really that cool.  chinese pancake titties and charsiu deep kiss.


you know the jap version. girl  whose face u dont remember. get woken up mad early.  gotta go to mastuya for breakfast set cause it cheaper before 11pm.

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when people ask "how do I ask my barber for this cut? what's it called?"


you bring a god damn photo in dumb ass. even a "side part" can have many different lengths and looks and half the time people ask this there isn't a freaking exact name for the cut.


"what product is he using?"


how the hell we supposed to know that son? 

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people who email or message me and they use "lol" and "haha" as stalling words or punctuation

people who link me to some shitty article of clothing on sale and say "thoughts?"

baron davis's AI dropping 75 points on me in nba live 2k4

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^ um, pay in cash as you go

bar photography, especially when the group of retards decides to take the same group shot with everyone's individual cameras/phones. don't even act like half of you idiots aren't posting the GREAT TIME directly to Facebook before leaving the venue.

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