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shit you hate


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Went to university just for lab work (first day after holiday) and ended up doing nothing....Had to do analyze whine. Really first move is depending on one gadget. We got two of them for 16 students. Everyone should have finished after two days . (remind, today is DAY 1/2

(we are looking to quantify Sulfur Dioxide and you only got maximum two days for checking. Later you won't find a trace or just wrong results, because it will vanish very quickly)

Anyways, two fools started this analysis by today and finished it by the end of this day.

Only these too.........14 people for tomorrow, HORRAY! (yeah DAY 2/2)

Don't ask any question, pretty childish attitude is ruling our lab:

"I was the first one, this belongs to me!"

14 weeks to go.....

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When people on the bus "discreetly" pick their noses and wipe the boogers under the seat... blech

and when you open spam too fast, and the fats/oils get on your shirt

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when you have a good week starting then someone comes along and fucks that up.

it's okay to mess up every now and then. and I would even understand if your pride is too strong, making it a bit hard to apologize. silent acknowledgement is good enough but to fucking try and play it off like it is someone elses fault when it's clearly yours. hate hate hate

also, to the dude who sneezed on me this morning..:mad:

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The music group " The Stereos" polluting the airwaves with their shit. I hope every one of those whiny little auto-tuned bitch asses gets hit by a fucking bus. Tattoo/peirced up whiny emo punks

Every time I hear one of their songs it makes me want to punch babies

Some people here who act like you can see their rep bars above their heads in real life

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spend a week at my mom's place, what's the first thing she does?

throw my dry bones in the washing machine.

even though I specifically told her not to.

i said "mother, do not wash these jeans. I'm going to hang them up, just don't touch them ok? try to fight your instincts on this one."

okay, she says, ok.

day after, come back from work, what's cooking in the washer?

got dam why do people not understaaaaand my dirty pants habitsssssss

oh well at least she washed them on cold and didn't machine dry them.

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they don't normally

she just randomly decided to pick clothes out of my room and throw them in the wash.

probably trying to be nice

was she washing other jeans?

probably didn't have enough to fill a load.

so she went around hunting for clothes to clean

has happened to me before


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