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shit you hate


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I hate bitches who don't like that I smoke. Just walk away aint gonna affect you, you dumb broad.

anti smokers are the most ignorant mother fuckers,

i'm only butthurt because i try to respect others but some conservative bitch will walk by and always have to speak her mind about second hand smoke.

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shit I hate currently:

mixed signals

low barometric pressure fucking with my body, specifically my ankle


lack of money

my inability to write anything cogent and interesting

my inability to maintain stable relationships

my shoes

feeling mindless on days when I should be productive

being a teenager still

being stuck in a rut when I should be rolling in success, academically and socially (not ever monetarily)

and to that tune, not being able to get a job

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:( this is awful. i hate when promises are broken, more so by someone that you're depending on. i always make them make up for it, but sometimes that's just not enough. oh well, fuckers!

That's when you gotta get physical about it. I punch people all the time.

But I can't punch my mom, she'll slap me back. Plus, she's my mom the bullshit only goes one way.

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haha, i pinch people. if i really hate you pinch you on your inner arm where it leaves bruises. so you can remember for a week how you fucked up.

usually i just keep my frustrations inside. and where did that get me? like a stomach ulcer or something like it. not a good look.

i think black eyes, green brusies, and broken/bloody noses leave more of an impact. knuckles of fury. aahha

but drinking, sodium and spicy food can give your ulcers too.

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eating shit when skating a bowl

when my cat stands in its litter box, but shits over the side

the fact im only 18 and smoke almost a pack a day

fucking my manager, but unable to talk about it in fear of losing my job

that im so fucking skinny nothing fits me

that my jeans stretched out so fucking bad

having no cash, a negative balance in the bank, car is on "e", and i smoked my last cig 5 minutes ago

the fact my ex girlfriend wont admit she misses me

i have at least 11 tubes of chapstick, but none are ever where i put them last.

writing bullshit essays for my english class

looking back and realizing how disgusting my wardrobe was

when friends steal my lighters

traffic traffic traffic.

i can bust out at least 300 more, but im done for now.

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my dad's been trying to reach me all week for a translation job he wanted me to do. but i've been busy and it's not because we had a coffee together last week after a few months of no talk means i'm the new secretary.

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