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shit you hate


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i fucking hate 'intellectuals'

they are boring and think they're better than they are

even worse than pseudo intellectuals

'Intellectuals embarrassed cause we discussing ebonics'

yeah fuck off

it's worse for me cuz i don't really say shit, and these niggas just go on and on and on and on and on and on

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man, thank you. people whine about this shit all day, why? i fucking love winter, been stoked on this for weeks.

don't get me wrong, i like the climate (cold, etc.), but what i can't deal with is the weather (dreary grey, lack of light, etc.).

get on that light therapy tip

make yourself one of these and you should be good

yo, i just ordered some crazy lamp. but apparently that's not good to have on for more than an hour a day or something.

this led box seems like a good idea as a constant... i think i'll do this.

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i really hate people who have animals (pets) dogs and cats, and then never show them no love or never take them for walks.

my neighbor has a dog, and i just heard her shout. ' get out of the fcuking way! your allways in the way of the door!'.........i shouted out to her 'leave that dog alone and get of your fat arse and take it for a walk!!!'......she mumbled something under her breath to me......didnt understand it. biatch.

i even take him for walks sometime cos i feel so sorry for him. every time i walk out back he wags his tail to me and jumps up and down.....when his owner is about he just puts his head down and keeps out of the way........wont even make eye contact.. .....shes always picking on him..........im gonna hide her bin again.......cow.

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Men wearing pointy shoes/boots

Women wearing baseball caps

Either sex wearing running shoes without the intention of exercising

Fuck all those

I once wore a baseball cap at a baseball game but I was trying to fit in with the crowd

I also ate a massive amount of garlic fries

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^ i would love to. i have a cat, so i dont think they would get on:(.......having said that, i do take him for walks, just to p1ss her off more than anything. i just hate leaving my house, and seeing him waiting by the fence for me all excited, and i feel bad for not having the time to take him for a walk:(...........

i try my hardest to make her life hell. shes a fat old bint whos always on about lossing weight. everytime i say to her TAKE THE DOG FOR A WALK!! ONCE ROUND THE BLOCK 10 MINS!!! ....but shes just so lazy, and takes everything out on everyone else.......mainly chaz (the dog)........what she doesnt realise is i make her life even harder every time i hear her take it out on the dog.....her bins going missing again! last time that really p1ssed her off. she had to fork out for a new one.....ahhh well she'll have to buy another;)

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disgusting people. or people who do disgusting things. i was at the movies today, i go to the bathroom after the movie, and someone leaves poo poo on top of the baby changing table. so foul.

was it the babby

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