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  1. ive bulked up and these no longer fit. my fat is you gain! i just wanna see these goto a new home and worn by someone who wants them. so everything is OBO, ill eat the 4% paypal and shipping to conUS/Canada. EU and AUS you'll have to get at me for ship$. Cheers fellas 1. FH 3005 - Straight leg classic fit, 32X34: $150 USD - these i bought off a previous owner http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/155689-fs-flathead-3005-sz-32x34/#entry3077065, - theyve seem to been pre soaked so waist is true 32'. - some fading right back pocket and knee - unworn by me, only tried on 2. FH Flannel sz 38: $100 USD - heavy 100% cotton, snap buttons - fits like a looser small - barely worn (still crisp) 3. Nom De Guerre Dress Shirt sz M : $100 USD - dress shirt fits a size smaller true to NdG fashion. more like a comfortable S or a slim M - if you have muscular arms it wont be a good fit even if you're a true size small as the arms are fairly tailored - 100% cotton very light and breathable, worn once briefly for dinner. 4. Gitman Bros Dress shirt sz M: SOLD - fits like a smaller M, vintage cut = shorter on the arms and shirt length - cotton, thick material comfortable fit Thanks for looking. Feel Free to PM or email me at eeanlam [at] gmail.com if you want more pictures, precise measurements or whatever. merci - ian
  2. would you rather?

    penis sized nipples, id never take my shirt off... ever.... heres one that i was asked when i got my bar job years ago. would you rather your dad suck your dick or you have to eat your mom out
  3. would you rather?

    ^^ end hunger ^ mullet would you rather have an old hag face but a youthful body or an ageless face and a functional but old (as in liver spots and skin saggage) body
  4. concerts: coming, going, gone

    bon iver last night! killed it. back by a super tight 8 piece. suprisingly good girl to guy ratio and lack of beards and flannel
  5. ^ i love mp7 cept for the shitty iron sights on that thing. also seems like alot of AR and akimbo machine pistol classes in game
  6. Post some "Next level" shit.

    this is insanity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2suaovy_iu&feature=player_embedded
  7. Superawkward

    ^ wah bud bud
  8. i <3 female mugshots

  9. where can i stream this~!? the site i use is crapped out
  10. GYAKUSOU : undercover lab + nike

    i just want the hat for biking