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Here's a conversation table for the DJ-501XX Heavies. This should help those who are not keen on the metric system.


I just reserved a pair of the 01 size for the DJ-501XXs.

I wear 31 in 45rpm Sorohikos, 30 in Rag and Bone and 29 in Jean Shop classic raw.

I really hope these will fit well. Fingers crossed.

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on denim-junkie.com there are some blogs of people wearing it, including our very own Beatle :)

Just saw that ... making me need to find a denim shirt like the one Beatle's wearing in the blog; again.

Any hope?

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Hmm still waiting for mine to come (reserved back in June)

Tried to ask him but the language barrier sort of screwed something up lol.

Anyone else know when the previous batch is meant to be shipped out?...

End of this month or early next month (501xx 14oz and Western shirt).

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Guest El Salvador

I had an RRDS in size 31 (which was too big for my likings) and my 501's are size 01 (which corresponds to a size 30 in RRDS?). Anyway, the 501's are quite a bit tighter in the tighs and seat area than the RRDS I had.

Here's some pics of my DJ-501XX


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I wear a size 34 in RRDS (but could have gotten a 33 - it was only my second pair of jeans back then). My 04 DJs fit a lot tighter in the thigh and seat. And they fit a lot tighter post soak. In hindsight, maybe I could have ordered a 05 to have a more relaxed fit, but I'm guessing this zimbabwe cotton will stretch over time. For me, it's better for jeans to stretch from tight to comfortable than from comfortable to loose.

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