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  1. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    Coffee go to Casa Lapin in Ari or on Soi 26 Sukhumvit. Also Rocket Coffeebar on Sathorn Soi 12. Rooftops. Vertigo at Banyan Tree, Sirocco. These places can get a bit crowded. I also like Scarlett at Pullman G on Silom. Speakeasys/jazz bars are the thing right now with Maggie Choo's, Iron Fairies, etc. Not much outerwear like Acteryx. The best you'll do it North Face at any mall. There is no market for this stuff given the weather. For boutiques, go to Siam Square and explore the alleys. Used to live in BKK for 9+ years but this stuff may be out of date. Things change there quickly.
  2. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    For you guys coming into town, stay anywhere on Sukhumvit Rd. around the Nana or Asoke area. Depending on your budget, you can find something to suit your taste. Westin, Grand Sukhumit Sheraton are around the Asok intersection. Soi 11 Sukhumvit has aLoft which is a Starwood property. Plenty of clubs and bars on that street. Levels goes til morning. Crowd here are tourists, Thai Indians, expats, Euros, etc. Locals mostly party in Thong Lo on Soi 10 at Muse, Funky Villa, etc. Not bad but easier if you have locals taking you in. If you want to go sleazier then go to Climax at the bottom of the Ambassador Hotel also on Soi 11. Also goes til 5am. That's the after hours joint where all the working girls go to after they clock out around midnight or 2am, depending on where they work.
  3. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    Depends on the type of night are you looking for and the people that you want to be around: locals, expats, hookers, etc. You can pretty much find any type of experience that you want. Figure that out and come back here....
  4. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    Cactus on Soi Cowboy or Baccara on Soi Cowboy. Excellent english language speaking skills and the most class in town.
  5. Analyst

    best tailor in bangkok?

    Read it again. I mentioned 2-3 names.
  6. Analyst

    best tailor in bangkok?

    I've spent some time trying various tailors here in Bangkok. For the most part, I would say that you get what you pay for. For suits and shirts turned around in 24-48 hrs, you have plenty of Indian suit shops on Sukhumvit Rd., primarily concentrated between Asoke and Nana (Rajawongse, Rajas, Gulati, etc.). And for these you will pay around 200-400 USD for a fused jacket cut from a template with oversized shoulder pads and pants cut from (sometimes) polyester and wool blends. While the bolts say "made in Italy" on the selvedge, my understanding is that the "wool" is actually from China and even Thailand and is woven in Italy, so that it can feature "made in Italy" tag. Most of the shops are sales fronts as no actual stitching happens there. And most of them tout an impressive clientele of US Secret Service agents, DEA agents, embassy attaches and the odd president. Given these archetypes don't represent what I would probably consider a decent suit, I would be prepared to insist on specific details that you want even if they insist that they know "suits" and "fashion". They can sometimes be pushy so if you know what you want make sure you stay firm. Recently, I've been more partial to the Thai-Chinese tailors in Bangkok (Narin, Tanika, July), who run smaller and quieter operations. Price points are usually much higher, depending on the fabric selected, but the workmanship is far superior to what I've experienced with the Indian suit shops. Both Narin and Tanika stock Italian and English fabrics like Loro Piano, Zegna, Holland & Sherry, etc. A suit cut from these bolts will cost between 1200-1900 USD and will take about 3-4 weeks for 4 fittings, including the initial measuring. This price would include full canvassing for the jacket, which should be stated from the beginning. The rest of the suit can be built entirely to your preferences (minimal shoulders, hand picked stitching, high armholes, ticket pocket, surgeon cuffs, etc.) with excellent materials (horn buttons). After examining the Zegna or Hugo Boss (Reda) suits at Central Chitlom in Bangkok selling for 40,000 to 50,000 THB and comparing them to the quality of the suits cut at Narin or Tanika, I don't think I would ever buy a suit off-the-rack ever again. The lack of detailing from an off-the-rack suit, at that price point, is appalling and looks as machine-made as ever. No picked stitching on the lapels and they all sport faux surgeon cuffs. I suspect some are even fused or partially fused (glued). Not ok, especially at that price point.
  7. Analyst

    Denim in Bangkok

    I've had good experiences going to Buddy & Family in MBK. Basically you go inside all the way to the back and go up the narrow stairs. On the second floor, they have a Union Special for chain stitching, which costs 100 THB. I took my Momotaro 0905SPs, purchased in Tokyo, in to have them tapered. They took in each leg from the inseam side and even used similarly pink thread. The job cost 200 THB and they finished in two days. Take 5 and Tanner Lee & Na use this place for all their chainstitching.
  8. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    I would stay somewhere close to the skytrain. You might want to check out hotels in the Asok area, which directly on Sukhumvit. This puts you near a lot of street food and night life. In the area is the Westin, Sheraton, and Millennium Hilton. If you want a place more boutique-ish there's the Dream Hotel and Eugenia Hotel, both also on Sukhumvit. Another area that is still directly in the city center but a little quieter is Sathorn, which is also the financial district. There's the Sukhothai, which is my favorite hotel in the city, and Banyan Tree, which is one the tallest buildings in the city. Vertigo and Moon Bar in the Banyan Tree are excellent places for drinks at night.
  9. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    Hey poly. Good to see you again. When are you back in SEA? Just got back from Hanoi and HCMC. These cities have changed so much in the last few years. Hanoi was extremely charming but a little sleepy for my tastes. HCMC was a lot of fun. I didn't venture outside of District 1, though.
  10. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    Get your khakis at the Gap, just recently opened at Paragon and Emporium! Fresh chinos! hehe Plenty of fun to be had around Suttisan. You're very close to Ratchada/Huay Kwang, so check out any of the clubs around Soi 6, Soi 4 and Soi 8. The crowd is a little rough and very local. On the plus side, you won't have to deal with any pretentious attitudes in these places. Just don't get into a fight with anyone There's actually an awesome undercover restaurant/pick up joint directly on Suttisan Rd. Opens at 11pm and goes til 5am. Looks and feels like a restaurant but lots more going on in this place. I think they throw in a free room before midnight. Good luck out there and go get'em!
  11. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    On around the anniversary of last year's protests, this year the situation has gotten much worse with no chance of compromise in sight between the government and protesters. Last night, the crackdown started around the Khao San backpackers street after a single shot was fired from either the gov or protester's side. So far, it seems that after last night there are 18 dead including a Japanese cameraman from Reuters and 807 injured. Perhaps it's unsurprising that all this is taking place right before Thailand's biggest holiday, Songkran, which starts on Monday. The protesters are largely from the poor Isaan area in the northeast and are being used as cannon fodder by a small cadre looking to pressure the PM to dissolve parliament for new elections. For the most part, the government is supported by those in Bangkok, the educated professionals and the urbanites. This year, Bangkok's main shopping district has been closed for over a week as protesters have been camped around the Rajapasong and close to the Siam Square areas, much to the dismay of most Bangkok citizens. So Siam Paragon, Central World, Erawan, Gaysorn, Central Chitlom, Siam Discovery, Take 5 and Siam Center have been closed (MBK open). This link to photos taken by the AP are some of the most riveting that I've seen so far: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/04/unrest_in_thailand.html This youtube vid also captures the chaos last night when the first shot rang out in the Khao San/Victory Monument Area: I'm leaving for HK for a week on Monday to wait out all the chaos in BKK. I'm just praying that the airport stays open til then. A week ago, the security leading to the airport seemed pretty airtight when I picked up my wife, who was coming back from the states: three army checkpoints. But then again, the reds are getting more desperate and have overran several police positions in the last few days. I'm hoping this all ends soon.
  12. Analyst

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    You should try the new Take 5 store in Siam Square. Looks like they have Momotaro, Samurai, Eternal, etc. Here's a link to a few pics of the new store from Benny of Take 5 HK's blog. http://www.wretch.cc/blog/BennySeki/14841022
  13. Analyst

    High Fashion Mountaineering Boots...

    Vasque Sundowner GTX. Forget the chinese version, but if you can find some of the original Italian made pairs then I would highly recommend them. You can still find them randomly at various outfitters.
  14. Analyst

    Any denim heads around in South East Asia?

    Checking in from Bangkok. Don't know any other denimheads in the city, even though I'm sure there are many lurking about and mostly rocking Evisu or old Levis. The only other guy was Largo, but he moved back to NYC. The weather in BKK is great right now to wear 15oz denim, compared to other times of the year. Unfortunately, I'm in the office during the week and don't get a chance to wear denim to the office. Here's to all the other weekend warriors on here
  15. Analyst

    Blackberry Thread.

    Ben, I heard that the speaker is not as good as the 9000. Can you confirm that? Apparently they reduced three speakers down to one for the 9700. thx