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Thanks BTT

*runs away*

Go for the second reservation and we'll all refer you or something. Especially when you were his "One Man Hype Army."

BTT it might be possible for you to get in before pre-order, much like I did, just need someone to refer you maybe.

When is the 2nd reservation? And if you guys do refer me, that would be great. I'm really wanting these denims right now. :D

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are these running small or something? Because I think DJ was saying they do...not sure though.... (501xx heavy)

If im a size 32 waist, should I order the 3 or the 4?

all help would be appreciated.

you just email them with your information and size... they should know what size you should get...


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They are in the "how to order" part.

I got mine today, i must say, these look much better IRL than they do in the pictures. Really in love with the design. They are absolutely huge on me now though, which saddens me. The chart says it will shrink a lot though. D/J also said that the regular 501 doesnt shrink much but is not sanforised. So maybe thats why the heavys run smaller, because they shrink more.

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