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lovely! not sure about an "asian thing" but my grandma used to have a pair next to her sewing machine, she was part of the generation which made their own clothes and did all their own alterations...

lol, my granny has a pair, too. so does my mom and my aunts who all have sewing machines :)

i'm pretty sure it's an asian thing ^_______^

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prolly wont soak these yet... but will post pre soak fit pics.. hehehe these are really something very overwhelming ... man these are what you call a true 15oz denim... cause some of the 15oz denim ive handled are not as heavy as these are...

these re a bit of a boot cut in them b?

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Tenchi he should have mailed you if they are being shipped. Edmond and I have ours sooner than others because we ordered the heavys. The regulars are not done yet.

Haha damn heart skipped a beat just then. Yeh i've got the regulars. Worth the wait anyway, I'll just trash my RRDSs harder heh

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