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Cam died and its crap lighting. I'll try to get 1 or 2 up for you now.

Edit here you go


Bad picture but your pictures really showed it all, although maybe you should have explained some of hte more interesting details. Like the double chainstitched hem and double selvage fly. I'll do it after my post soak/wash maybe.

Measurements RAW using BiG method (cm)

Waist: 42.5

Front Rise: 28

Back Rise: 39

Watari: 29

Knee: 23

Hem: 23

Inseam: 34"

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BTT the denim quality is great, its the kind that develops really beautiful crease patterns. I would say its quite similiar to my evisu no.2s or maybe the skull 6x6 but darker. I would say about 8 out of 10. It's stiff too btw, could stand up after a soak.

Here are some fit pics post soak/wash.




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hey dom from what i did on the actual measurements on mine

these are like 60mm bigger than what the site says in raw state..

and good luck hope you dont have to sell these cause it has your name in it.. and hope it shrinks more.. btw emailed djsan.. he said he still has a pair of those horseriders.. my size..

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I think I'm going to sell them, I have too many jeans anyways. I kinda need the money too. I really love these jeans though, everything about them is great.

(denim pocket bags!)

ohh man.. good luck dom..:(

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Selling them would be a shame..the fit is pretty cool..saggy - but not baggy...

I second that, just the way I would like them...

plus, they might shrink even more when you wash them eventually...

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to support beatle and make you guys a bit jealous, first dj-501xx on the european mainland (at that time that is, beatle reacted with the quickness)


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So, I'm a true size 32. (31 on SC1947s, 31 with s5000bks), what size should I get with the DJ501xx? I emailed him and he said that he has some remaining stock in some sizes. 003 or 004? Also, I was never a big fan of sizing down too much...so what art thou I do.

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according to D/J, w30 is 01, w31 is 02 and so on...

I'm a true waist 34 and I'm wearing the 06 in the picture, I sized up one on purpose...

so I think 03 would be the way to go, my new pair is also gonna be a 05 instead of 06...

beatle jump in here anytime if you think I'm wrong... ;)

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I would keep the same size and not size up at all, the rise is very high. So unless you plan to wear them low on hip, don't bother sizing up.

I am a size 29 in RRDS, 29 in Evis 2000, 30 slim jim, 29 Sam 5000vx, 30 sam 710xx, 31 skull 5010, 31 FH 3001. And my heavys in a size 003, are about a size too big or two too big in the waist and seat, quite fitted in the thigh though.

And to those who are asking, my 501xx have already been sold today. Sorry guys.

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aww. the new 15oz dj501xx doesn't have the star rivet. and it seems like the rivet doesn't have that leather? behind it either.


ok. and the description says something about adding a ducktail? so in that side picture that's not the guy's ass, but the jeans? pretty unflattering. he either has thunder thighs or the jeans make him look like he has thunder thighs.

oh man. i can't decide. i want some thick heavy jeans for winter and i can't decide between s5000vx, 634s, and this. i really like the unattended thread? and the thread cutter he's including too although it might be pretty annoying.

ok and lastly. the model in the picture is the maker of the jeans right? i thought he wore a size 02 in his other jeans. is this one really tight or something?

help? beatle?

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